Presenting to Council

Making a Request to Appear Before Council
Send an email to the Legislative Coordinator. Please include an explanation of your item and why you wish it to be brought to Council. All requests to appear before Council must be submitted by the end of the day on Friday, 10 days before your desired Council meeting.

At that point, City of Chestermere staff will do their best to respond to your inquiry. If they are unable to provide an answer, you may be asked to prepare a letter or presentation for the next available Council meeting.

Presenting to the Council

You will be provided with a date and time for your presentation. You will typically be on the agenda at the beginning of the meeting (at either 1:00 pm or 3:00 pm). You will have 15 minutes to make a presentation. Following your presentation, Council may ask questions to clarify your concern.

Following your presentation, Council may either refer your item to staff or make a decision on your request at the 'New Business' portion of the agenda. It is not necessary for you to stay until they have addressed your item. Instead, staff members will inform you as to the outcome of your request or concern following the meeting.

If you have any questions, please contact the Legislative Coordinator by email or call (403) 207-7050.

Question Period
All Council Meetings are open to the public, and people are free to come and go during the meeting.

Question Period takes place at Regular Council Meetings and is an opportunity for any member of the public to come forward and ask a question of Council. Residents have five minutes to ask their question with a cap of 20 minutes total for all questions. Answers may be redirected to the appropriate agency, staff member or Councillor for follow-up after the meeting.

This time is designated for questions only and is not the forum for opinions, comments or campaign activities. To provide feedback about City actions or decisions, we encourage residents to reach out to Council or the City directly.

Question period will change in 2017 to ensure public questions are tracked and responses are published as appropriate. Residents are welcome to submit questions to the City in writing at any time by emailing the Legislative Coordinator.