Federal & Provincial Resources

Member of Parliament (MP) for Chestermere is:

    Martin Shields, MP
    2-403 -2nd Ave, Brooks, AB, T1R 0S3
    P: 1-844-241-0020
    P: (403) 793-6775
    F: (403) 793-6778
    Member of Legislative Assembly for Chestermere:

 Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) for Chestermere is: 

    Leela Sharon Aheer 
    Constituency Office: 215 - 175 Chestermere Station Way T1X 0G1
    P: (403) 207-9889
    F: (403) 216-2225

Municipal Affairs

Councils are given authority under the Municipal Government Act of Alberta. For more information on this provincial department, go to the Alberta Municipal Affairs website