Councillor Stu Hutchison

Meet Councillor Stu Hutchison

Councillor Hutchison
Stu Hutchison was born, raised, and educated in the City of Calgary. He is married with two children and to date has six grandchildren. Stu and his family moved to the then Summer Village of Chestermere in 1992. He has worked for the Calgary Board of Education since 1991. 

News & Reports
September 15, 2017: Councillor Hutchison has announced that he will not seek another term on Council.
Read Councillor Hutchison's  announcement here. 

Community Involvement

Stu has always been an active member of his community wherever he lived. He has been very active managing and coaching various sports his children were involved in. Some of his involvement included being on the Board of Directors for the North East Lacrosse Association; managing boys hockey teams for a number of years and coaching little league baseball, and minor soccer.

After moving to Chestermere he immediately got involved as a member of the Board of Directors for Chestermere Minor Hockey. During this same time Stu was a coach for the Chestermere girl’s softball team as well as helping out with the boy’s hardball team.

In 1993 Stu ran for the position of Councillor in a by-election and was a successful candidate. He is still on Council with his current term running until October of 2013.

Current Committees & Boards

  • Chestermere Planning Commission
  • Human Services Advisory Board
  • Cove Beach Park Committee
  • Ad-Hoc Business Park Committee
  • Remembrance Day Committee
  • Chestermere Conrich Recreation Board

Contact Information

To contact Councillor Hutchison call (403) 248-1952 or send him an email:

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