Petitions & Concerns

If you would like to express any concerns, please contact the City at or call 403-207-7050. You can find more contacts on our Contact Us page.

Unresolved Complaints

The Alberta Ombudsman has the authority to investigate complaints from individuals who feel they have been treated unfairly by a municipality. We are the office of last resort. Complainants must go through any relevant appeal or review process before the Ombudsman can investigate.

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If you are looking to bring a petition forward to Council, please be aware that there are specific guidelines that must be followed to create official petitions (as set out by the Province of Alberta).

For information on creating petitions, please read the Information Handout on Petitions from Alberta Municipal Affairs.

If you have further questions, please contact the City at (403) 207-7050. 

Past Petition Information
Information Regarding Petitions to the City of Chestermere
Statement regarding Municipal Affairs’ petition review

"We have been advised by Municipal Affairs that the petition submitted by a group of residents has met the requirements for a sufficient number of signatures under the Municipal Government Act (MGA).

City Council and staff understand that in order to determine whether further inquiry is required, Municipal Affairs will be conducting a preliminary review into the concerns that led to the petitioners’ request.

The City sees this as a positive opportunity to show how we work in an open and transparent manner. It is our goal to continue building a strong future for the City of Chestermere."

Mayor Patricia Matthews

On February 16th, 2016 the City of Chestermere received a petition with a request for Council to pass a resolution to dissolve Chestermere Utilities Incorporated (CUI).

The City of Chestermere’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Dr. Randy Patrick, has carefully and thoroughly reviewed the petition and has sent a letter to the representative of the petitioners with the results of his review.

Municipalities are governed by the strict legislation and guidelines of the Municipal Government Act (MGA) including guidelines for petitions. While the message from residents seems to be clear, the petition itself does not meet those strict guidelines. After discussions with the City’s legal advisors, it was determined that a special resolution would be required to begin the dissolution of CUI. Under the MGA, this is not something that a petition can request of Council. Therefore, the CAO found the petition to not be sufficient as per the MGA.

Dr. Patrick stated in a letter to the petition’s representative that at the next meeting of Council, he would ensure that they are formally made aware of the issue requested in the petition as well as the number of residents who signed it for Council’s consideration in their ongoing review.