Development & Planning Documents

The following links are Planning documents, Bylaws and Policies of the City of Chestermere: 
Area Structure Plans
Bayfield Area Structure Plan
Edgewater Crossing Area Structure Plan
Gateway Area Structure Plan
Westmere Area Structure Plan
Southeast Area Structure Plan
Southwest Area Structure Plan
Waterford Area Structure Plan
Master Area Structure Plans
Waterbridge - Master Area Structure Plan
Municipal Development Plan
Chestermere Municipal Development Plan (2016)
Other Documents
As Constructed Grade Certificate Package

Outline Plans
For information Only. The following Outline Plans are conceptual only – Please refer to Land Use Map in the Current Land Use Bylaw or consult City staff for subdivision approval details.  
Kinniburgh South Ouline Plan 
Kinniburgh North Outline Plan
Rainbow Falls Outline Plan 
Westmere Phase 6 Outline Plan
Westmere Stage 3 Outline Plan and Land Redesignation
Westmere Stage 7 Outline Plan 

Planning Bylaws
Land Use Bylaw
Off-Site Levy Bylaw 
Plans & Policies
Chestermere Boulevard Corridor Plan
Integrated Stormwater Master Plan
Transportation Master Plan

Plans in Progress: 

Outline Plans *