Deputy Mayor Gail Smith

Gail has been a resident of Chestermere for over nine years. After living on the lake for seven years, she recently moved into Rainbow Falls. She is a new councillor and is looking forward to learning and taking on her new responsibilities. Gail.jpg


Gail was born and raised in Regina, SK where she completed her Bachelor of Education, 1984 and Master of Education Degree, 2001. She taught Grades 3 – 7 in Regina before moving to Chestermere. After nine years of teaching Junior High, she retired from teaching with the Calgary Board of Education in June, 2013. She has served on numerous committees and worked as a consultant and reviewer for various publishers and educational groups.

News & Reports

September 13, 2017: Councillor Smith has announced that she will not seek another term on Council. Read her announcement here.

Community Involvement

Gail has been an active member of the Chestermere Lions’ Club for over six years and enjoys meeting people and getting involved in community activities. Waterfest has been a committee that Gail has been involved in with the town and the Lions’ Club.


Gail likes to keep active and can be found outside enjoying the paths, parks and water year round. She has one son who lives in Regina with his wife and two beautiful grandsons. They enjoy their visits to Chestermere and love the community and lake as well.

Current Committees & Boards

  • Chestermere Planning Commission
  • Chestermere Emergency Management Committee
  • Police Committee
  • Transportation & Complete Mobility Subcommittee
  • Ad-Hoc Regional Taskforce

Contact Information

To contact Councillor Smith, call (403) 207-7050 or email:

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