Dave Mikkelsen Award for Youth

Congratulations to 2016 award recipient Nathan Hermann!

Thirteen year old Nathan knew he wanted the $1,000 award to go towards an upgrade at the Chestermere Skate Park. Nathan and his friends visit the Skate Park often during the warmer months and his initial idea was to put the funds towards a water fountain. He proposed the idea as a benefit to the riders at the Park and as a way to reduce waste from plastic bottles. 
While the water fountain is beyond the budget of $1,000, Nathan is interested in looking for community sponsorship to make up the difference.

Dave Mikkelsen Award for Youth

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Deadline to apply was November 30, 2016

About the Dave Mikkelsen Award

The Dave Mikkelsen Award for Youth is a $1,000 annual award is in honour of former Mayor Mikkelsen’s dedication to Chestermere and its youth during his 12 consecutive years on Council. Mr. Mikkelsen’s commitment to support young people in this community and his desire to ensure that their voice is recognized by Council lives on through this award even though his service on Council has ended.


Eligible individuals or organizations are:
  • Individual youth aged 12 to 17 residing in Chestermere, or
  • Organizations that serve Chestermere youth aged 12 to 17, whose endeavors serve to support or enhance the social, educational, spiritual, or recreational development of youth and/or the community in Chestermere
Successful endeavors eligible for this award will contribute to the enhancement of the community, support personal growth and impact the future of Chestermere in a positive and meaningful way.


This award has been designed to recognize a variety of endeavors that serve to support the sustainable development of Chestermere youth including workshops, courses, post secondary education, physical education, capital projects, conferences, etc.


Stay tuned in fall 2017 for application details.  

Past Winner

Congratulation's to the 2014 winner: Megan Desplanque of Chestermere!

Desplanque is a volunteer leader with both the Lake Ridge Community Church Youth Group and the YELL (Youth Encouraging Lasting Leadership) group. She was awarded the $1,000 cheque for her plan to start a YouTube channel directed at the youth of Chestermere.

Desplanque says she came up with the idea after noticing a decrease in attendance at youth groups, so she began to look at different ways that youth are interacting with one another, and how to get connected with them outside of meetings.
The channel doesn’t have a name or a link yet, but Desplanque says she plans to come up with one soon.

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