How your Taxes are Used

Where are municipal dollars spent?2016 expenses

Taxes, along with grants, fees, and other contributions are used to pay for municipal services.

2016 Operating Expenses are divided as follows:

27% Roads & Planning
The roads team makes our roads drivable—clearing snow and sanding in the winter, sweeping the sand in the spring and repairing potholes. Planning ensures our growth is well thought out and coordinated so that pipes, pathways and roads are appropriately located.

25% Protective Services
When you need help in an emergency, the RCMP and Fire Department are available to you 24 hours a day and are supported by the Community Peace Officers and the Emergency Management team.

16% Community Services
Whether you are taking a walk with your family on the City’s pathways, enjoying a day at the beach, trying new jumps at the Bike Park or participating in Early Childhood Development Programs, the Community Services team ensures that our community is a clean and vibrant place to live.

16% Corporate Services
These funds go towards community festivals like Canada Day and Water Festival, Economic Development staff who are working to increase the City’s non residential tax base, Communications, and the City’s administrative requirements such as Human Resources, Finance, Reception and IT.

11% Requisitions and Reserves
These are funds set aside to save for significant multi-year future projects (such as infrastructure and recreation), provide some stabilization for operations and pay for ongoing fees from the 2009 annexation agreement. Check out the list of 2016 projects here.

5% Other
This is a combination of expenditures that covers Council’s expenses, contributions to the Library, and the project management office (that coordinates the completion of major community projects).

For more information on specific projects that are part of the 2016 budget, check out the projects page.