Recreation Plans

Master Recreation Plan

Chestermere is an active community and we are working towards planning for more recreational facilities. In order to do this in a sustainable way, the City has created a Master Recreation Plan (MRP) with input from residents that will investigate the need for and feasibility of building new financially sustainable indoor and outdoor recreational facilities in Chestermere.

Read the Master Recreation Plan here.

Read the summary of the Master Recreation Plan here.
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Following the acceptance of the Master Recreation Plan in 2014, the City of Chestermere committed ongoing capital funding to improving the connectivity of the trail systems; and most recently invested close to $ 4,000,000 of grant money in the re-development of Anniversary Park.

In addition, Chestermere continues to work with developers to plan for trails, pathways and playgrounds, which will build on the existing amenities that we all enjoy.

Feasibility Study for a Future Recreation and Leisure Centre

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This is the next critical step in our journey to investigating the degree to which a new Centre could be financially sustainable, whether phasing would be necessary, and if partners are interested in becoming co-investors in an exciting new facility that would serve the health and wellness needs of our region.

Learn more about the Recreation & Leisure Feasibility Study.
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