Council Salaries

Councillor Salaries

The following salaries set as per Policy 803 (Elected Officials Remuneration and Expenses).

These rates were recommended in 2015 by a public advisory committee (comprised of residents who are independent of Council and Administration) who examined Council's remuneration and compared it to similar sized municipalities.
Councillor Salary
Mayor* $65,000
Deputy Mayor $35,530
Councillors $30,530

Click here to access previous year audited financial statements which includes salaries, benefits and allowances for Councillors.

*Note: The Mayor, as vice-chair of the Calgary Regional Partnership (CRP) Board typically receives up to approximately $10,000 per year in honorariums. The City receives this payment directly, at the request and donation of the current Mayor, to offset training costs for Council members.

Neither the Mayor nor Councillors receive any other honorariums for attending committee or board meetings.