General Budget Preparation Information


While City Council can review the budget at any time, the City of
Budget Process
Sept-Oct City staff prepare a preliminary budget.
Nov Public meetings are held where Council reviews the preliminary budget and may request changes.
Dec Council passes a multi-year budget.

Chestermere uses a multi-year budgeting process to ensure efficient
and effective long range strategic planning.

Over the next few months, the City of Chestermere will be developing a budget for 2017-2019.

As part of the budget preparation process, the City will be sharing detailed information about its municipal services as well as providing an opportunity for you to give your feedback.

Week of September 12 Highlight: Budget Preparations

In the late summer/early fall, Administration creates operating and capital budgets for municipal services including:
City Hall Services Community & Social Development
Emergency Services Parks & Recreation
Planning & Development Policing & Bylaw
Roads & Infrastructure

Budget Preparation Guidelines

As departments begin to prepare their preliminary budget, they consider the following guidelines:
  • Legislation relevant to their area of expertise including the Municipal Government Act. Two of the most significant requirements are that the budgets must be balanced and the City cannot exceed its debt limit.
  • The City’s Strategic Plan including the principles of livability, user pay, holistic views of the community, sustainability, innovation and being fiscally conservative.
  • The City’s Vision of being Alberta’s Oasis, the Recreation & Relaxation Capital.
  • Internal financial policies and guidelines including the Budget Policy, Asset Management System and Investment Policy.
  • Regulations specific to each municipal service.
  • Resident needs and requests as determined by public engagement activities, benchmarking and Council direction.
  • Guiding documents for the specific function including business plans, bylaws or guidelines that apply to the service area.
  • Constraints facing the department including financial and staffing constraints.