About Fire Services

Chestermere Fire Services is available to you 24 hours a day to assist with medical or fire emergencies.

The key responsibilities for Fire Services can be broken down into:
  • Prevention – to inform and educate people in how to reduce the risk of fires and other emergencies by targeted marketing, understanding the nature of our diverse community, learning from incidents, monitoring, evaluating and improving our effectiveness and by helping the community be prepared.
  • Protect – to influence and regulate the built environment to protect people, property and the environment. This is achieved by helping businesses be prepared and treat fire safety as a legitimate business overhead. Annual inspections of commercial and public property paired with the enforcement of the Fire and Building Codes will increase the safety of all patrons.
  • Respond – to plan and prepare for emergencies that may happen and make a high quality, effective and resilient response to them. This is achieved by modelling the risk and creating a risk management plan for those emergencies and also having mutual support arrangements in place. Continual monitoring and evaluation will improve our effectiveness.