City Hall Services


Budget Process
Sept-Oct City staff prepare a preliminary budget.
Nov Public meetings are held where Council reviews the preliminary budget and may request changes.
Dec Council passes a multi-year budget.

 While City Council can review the budget at any time, the City of Chestermere uses a multi-year budgeting process to ensure efficient and effective long range strategic planning. Over the next few months, the City of Chestermere will be developing a budget for 2017-2019.

As part of the budget preparation process, the City will be sharing detailed information about its municipal services as well as providing an opportunity for you to give your feedback.

Notice: Budget Meetings

Residents are invited to attend budget meetings at City Hall on
  • November 8 (8am-3pm)
  • November 9 (12pm-3pm, 5pm-8pm)
  • November 10 (8am-3pm)
  • November 21 (9am-3pm if required).
Attendees are welcome to observe and provide feedback following the meetings. For more information, contact City Hall at (403) 207-7050.

Week of October 31 Highlight: City Hall Services

Guiding Documents & Plan
  • Municipal Development Plan (MDP)
  • Corporate Strategic Plan
  • Alberta Human Rights Act
  • Municipal Government Act
  • Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act
  • Local Authorities Election Act
  • Commissioners for Oaths Act
  • Determination of Population Regulation
  • Employment Standards Code and Regulations
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Public Sector Accounting Board
Potential Projects & Plans for 2017-2019
NOTE: This list is only meant to provide an example of the types of projects being considered. These projects are potential items ONLY and have not been approved by Council.

  • Enhanced Canada Day 150th birthday celebration
  • Enhanced public engagement opportunities
  • Securing clients for the Light Industrial Business Park and increasing the non-residential tax base

    Significant Challenges Facing City Hall Services
  • Funding availability
  • Current economic climate


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