Renovations & Basement Development

Permit Application Processes and Packages

Please refer to the following application packages below when applying for the following minor-residential developments:

Basement Development

A development in that portion of a building which is located either partially or wholly below grade of a residential dwelling. Other Safety Codes Permits may be required such as Electrical or Plumbing Permits.

Note: Basements may not be developed for the purpose of creating additional dwelling units and shall not include a kitchen, containing but not limited to a stove, fridge, upper cupboards & sink (other than a bar sink). If you wish to add a kitchen in your basement, see ourbasement Secondary Suite page.

Addition to a Residence

The subsequent external construction to an existing building which results in increasing the building’s area or external dimensions in any manner. I.e. Sun room

Renovation in a Residential Dwelling

Note: The builder will be required to provide mandatory Home Warranty protection when 75% or more of a rebuilt home is additional new construction as a result of major renovation. More information will be available in the New Home Buyer Protection Bulletin. Other Safety Codes Permits may be required such as Electrical, Gas or Plumbing Permits.


An enclosed unenclosed amenity area, of wood frame or other construction, which may be attached to a dwelling.

Note: The overall height (H) of a raised deck is greater than (>) 0.6 m measured from finished grade to the finished floor height. A deck less than 0.6m. does not require a building nor a development permit.

Looking for building, electrical, gas, plumbing, fireplace or PSDS permits? Go to Safety Codes Permits.