Renovations & Basement Development

Permit Application Processes and Packages

Please refer to the following application packages below when applying for the following minor-residential developments:

Basement Development

– means a development in that portion of a building which is located either partially or wholly below grade of a residential dwelling. Other Safety Codes Permits may be required such as Electrical or Plumbing Permits.

Note: Basements may not be developed for the purpose of creating additional dwelling units and shall not include a kitchen, containing but not limited to a stove, fridge, upper cupboards & sink (other than a bar sink). If you wish to add a kitchen in your basement, see ourbasement Secondary Suite page.

Addition to a Residence

– means the subsequent external construction to an existing building which results in increasing the building’s area or external dimensions in any manner. I.e. Sun room

Renovation in a Residential Dwelling

Note: The builder will be required to provide mandatory Home Warranty protection when 75 percent or more of a rebuilt home is additional new construction as a result of major renovation. More information will be available in the New Home Buyer Protection Bulletin. Other Safety Codes Permits may be required such as Electrical, Gas or Plumbing Permits.


– means an enclosed unenclosed amenity area, of wood frame or other construction, which may be attached to a dwelling.

Note: The overall height (H) of a raised deck is greater than (>) 0.6 m measured from finished grade to the finished floor height. A deck less than 0.6m. does not require a building nor a development permit.