Accessory Buildings & Other Permits

Permit Application Processes and Packages

Please refer to the following application packages below when applying for the following minor-residential developments:

In most residential districts in the City of Chestermere, Accessory Buildings greater than 10m2, and the Second and Additional Accessory Buildings 10m2 and under, are considered Discretionary Use of land, therefore requires a Development Permit which is subject to the approval by the Development Officer. The approval shall be advertised in the local newspaper with a two (2) week appeal period.

Hot Tub/Pool

A privately owned structure with a depth greater than 0.3m, located above or at grade. 

Demolition of a Building

Requires both Development and Building permit. Refer to Section 7.10 Demolition of Buildings on the Land Use Bylaw 022-10, as amended

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Fence or Retaining Wall

A structure which is used to prevent or restrict passage, to provide visual screening, sound attenuation, protection from dust or the elements, or to mark a boundary. 

A retaining wall means a structure constructed for the purpose of withstanding lateral pressure in order to hold back, retain or prevent the sliding or erosion of earth, fill, rock or similar materials and includes structures which are wholly or partially submerged in water at any time.

Retaining walls equal to or higher than 1.2m in height maybe allowed as a Discretionary Use for which an application for a Development Permit must be made. Such retaining walls shall be designed by a professional engineer. The landowner shall provide to the municipality the design bearing the seal and signature of a professional engineer.

A Development Permit is required for retaining walls abutting Chestermere Lake in all lots located in the Residential Lakeshore District (RL).

Docks & Watercraft Lifts

A structure built over or floating upon the water and used as a landing place for boats and other marine transport, fishing, swimming, and other water-related recreational uses.

A watercraft lift means an unenclosed constructed either wholly or partially over a body of water and designed to provide shelter for water craft or marine-related equipment used for noncommercial purposes.

Note: Multi-level docks may be permitted provided that the levels or tiers are not located directly over top of each other.

Recreational Vehicle

A portable structure designed and built to provide temporary living accommodation for travel and recreational purposes. As defined in the Land Use Bylaw 022-10.

Note: A development permit is not required for Recreational Vehicles as per Section 7.25, however, please refer to Section 7.26 of the Land Use Bylaw 022-10, as amended for the general regulations on Recreational Vehicle Parking. It is also important to consider the general regulations on driveways and parking areas, please refer to Section 7.14.2 RV Parking.

Outside Fireplace or Solid Fuel Burning Appliances

Includes wood and coal burning appliances

Other Residential Permits and Applications

Home Business

Home Business means the secondary use of a principal dwelling, or combination or a principal dwelling and accessory building, in a residential neighbourhood to conduct a business activity.

  • Application Package for Home Business

Environmental Restoration Permit

The Environmental Restoration Permit application and process shall be used for all Grow-Ops, flood and fire remediation and any other weather or environmental related remediation of any commercial and residential building in the City of Chestermere. Visit the Environmental Restoration Permit page for more information, application process and permits.

Variance for a Single or Semi-detached Dwelling

A variance means an alteration or change to a standard prescribed by the Land Use Bylaw that is authorized by the Development Authority Board.

Hydronic Heat Systems

Zoning layout must be submitted together with this application package.