Safety Codes Permits

Safety Codes Permits

The Safety Codes Act requires that all contractors and homeowners in Alberta obtain permits prior to commencing work on buildings covered by the Alberta Building Code or work governed by the Canadian Electrical Code, the Alberta Gas Code or the Alberta Plumbing Code.

Benefits of obtaining a permit

The major benefits of obtaining a permit are knowing that the installation will conform to the safety standards that have been adopted under the Safety Codes Act.

Building Permit

A building permit is issued after construction drawings comply to the Alberta Building Code 2014.

The owner or a contractor, must obtain a building permit for the following:
  • Alteration or renovation to any building or part of a building
  • Construction of a new building
  • Demolition or Relocation of any building
  • Installation of a swimming pool or hot tub (2ft. or more in depth)
  • Installation of a solid fuel appliance (wood stove or wood fireplace)
  • Environmental Reconstruction (fires, flooding, Grow Op, etc.)
  • Change in occupancy of any building or site (i.e. from retail to office, etc.)
Building Permits are NOT required based on the opinion of Safety Codes Officers.

Building Permit Application Form

Electrical Permits

Electrical permits are required to carry out work, which the electrical code applies except by the opinion of a Safety Codes Officer.

Electrical Permit Holder Qualifications:
Homeowners can apply for an Electrical permit as long as the electrical work is 100 amps or less. A journeyman Electrician can only work with 100 amps or more.

If a contractor is doing the work, the master certification number is also required and has a business license with the City of Chestermere.

Electrical Permit Application Form

Gas Permits

A gas permit is required to install, alter or make an addition to any gas installation including temporary heat and propane tank sets but with the following exceptions:
  • A connection to replace a residential water heater with same venting size and BTU ratings
  • Replacement of a residential gas dryer or range if there is no design change to the gas piping or venting system
  • A relocation, by a gas utility company, or a natural gas meter from the interior to the exterior of a building (no extension of house line to alternative location)

Plumbing Permits

A plumbing permit is required to install, renew or change in any plumbing equipment or plumbing system but with the following exceptions:

  • Replacements such as sinks, toilets, showers, etc.
  • To connect a plumbing system to a municipal sewer or water service

Gas Fireplace Permits

A gas fireplace permit is required in any dwelling unit or commercial unit. This permit has to be applied for by the company who is installing the gas fireplace or homeowner.

Private Sewage Disposable System (PSDS) Permits

A PSDS permit is required under the National Plumbing Code 2010 for any open, discharge, mound, field, holding tank, or any other system used to handle sewage where a municipal sewage is not provided. PSDS permits and design criteria can only be reviewed and issued by a PSDS Safety Codes Officer.

Gas, Plumbing & PSDS Permit Holder Qualifications:
Homeowners can apply for the permit so as long as they are the registered homeowners and they own the land and they’re doing the work for the gas, plumbing and private sewage disposal system. If a contractor is doing the work, a journeyman certification number and a business license with the City of Chestermere is required

City of Chestermere Permits Stats

If you wish the find out the permit stats from the previous years before 2015, please contact Development and Infrastructure Services Department at 403-207-7075.