Off-Leash Redevelopment Project


Thank you to the survey respondents and workshop attendees for the amazing feedback that was received. 
After this consultation process, Parks and Recreation staff will take all the feedback into consideration. Staff are consulting with parks and landscape experts to evaluate the space and develop recommendations. 

View this presentation for survey findings. 
View this infographic for workshop results. 

Future Plans

There are currently no funds in place to build a new dog park, however, the Parks and Recreation Division is presently completing an off-leash area/dog park management study. Planning for current and future off-leash areas is important in establishing a positive environment for all park users. 

As part of our study we will be: 
  • Reviewing the suitability of the current dog park location after the research and consultation process has been completed
  • Consulting with residents, experts and other municipalities to inform our findings
Once Council has reviewed the recommendations presented by the Parks and Recreation Division, a copy of the report will be released to the community. 


The survey is now closed. Thank you for taking the survey, we received an incredible response of 463 participants! We are currently consolidating all the data and we will be reporting the results to you shortly. Stay tuned for more details about the off-leash workshop coming soon.


For more information, please contact the City’s Community Recreation Coordinator at (403) 207-7096 or email