2017 Election Candidates

While there is no initial date candidates may begin campaigning or announce their intention to run, no candidate may accept campaign contributions unless the candidate is registered under the Local Authorities Election Act with the municipality in which the candidate intends to run.

The following prospective candidates have registered with the City of Chestermere.

Prospective Candidates Currently Registered

Organized in alphabetical order. Contact information is provided as a convenience to residents. Listings and links do not indicate any endorsement or affiliation with any candidate. 
 Name Website Phone Number Email
 Burness, Cathy voteforcathy.ca    403-561-0796  vote4cathy2017@gmail.com 
 Chalmers, Marshall
  587-575-9973  marshallchalmersformayor@gmail.com 
 Fleger, Tommy tommyfleger.com   403-478-2263  tommyfleger@gmail.com
 Foat, Mel D     403-819-7665  melvinfoat@gmail.com
 Hodgson, Jeff www.jeffhodgsonformayor.com   587-580-8245  jeffhodgsonformayor@gmail.com
 Klam, Jessie     403-968-7630  jessie.klam@octaneengineering.ca
 Taylor, Amy      403-701-1430  amy.taylor1966@yahoo.ca
 Thompson, Clayton James     403-804-5707  thompsonclaytonj@gmail.com 
 Young, Michelle  votemichelle.ca    403-470-1502  michelleyoungforchestermere@gmail.com

Please Note: Candidates are not considered official candidates until their nomination papers have been accepted on Nomination Day: September 18, 2017.

Last Updated:
June 15, 2017

Prospective Candidates:

Potential municipal candidates are required to register with the municipality before they accept any campaign contributions prior to nomination day.
If you have decided that you are running in the 2017 Municipal Election and must or would like to declare your intent to run, you must complete the following forms and have them commissioned at City Hall:

More resources for prospective candidates are available on the Information for Candidates page.