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Posted on: February 14, 2017

Join the Watershed Committee!


Do you enjoy fishing, boating or other water activities? We are currently seeking residents to sit on the recently revived Watershed Committee.

The City of Chestermere’s vision in the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) includes creating a distinctive recreational lake community that promotes a safe and healthy, family-oriented, and sustainable environment. The MDP goes on to state that recreation amenities will be integrated with the Lake and wetland systems to protect Chestermere’s physical, social, and environmental health. To achieve this, we need your help to take care of our Lake.   

Chestermere Lake is 4.8 kilometers long; a 750 acre reservoir created by Canadian Pacific Railroad in 1903. The Western Headworks Canal links water from the Bow River downstream. We use the lake for motorized and non-motorized sporting including canoes, kayaks, sailboats, paddleboats, boating, as well as fishing, lakeside barbecues, picnics, swimming and beach going, skating and snowmobiling.

We know there are challenges in our waterways. Recently, water bodies in other areas have experienced aquatic invasive species and whirling disease (an infectious disease of finfish). What can we do to help prevent the spread of the species? Have you thought about what it means to release aquarium or domestic plants and fish into water bodies? These are invasive to the natural environment and increase competition for native species.

City staff take water quality samples of the Lake water each week and send them for testing to Alberta Health Services. Testing is done at the Cove Beach, Sunset Park, John Peake Park, and Anniversary Park. Even though 2016 samples showed good results, we know we need to do more.

As a member of the Watershed Committee, you can help support this work. We are committed to studying Chestermere Lake to determine the appropriate water usage, safety, best public access practices, and the impact of future population growth on Lake use. Our mandate is to review water quality monitoring reports and various studies, work with water quality specialists, keep up-to-date on aquatic invasive species and plants information, and gather information to share with the community and surrounding areas.

The Committee will meet once a month, starting in spring, and break in July and August. All residents are welcome to join the Committee, as this Lake impacts the whole community.

Heather Davies, Councillor

City of Chestermere

Phone: 403-272-6361


Facebook: Councillor Heather Davies

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