Programs to Support Your Child's Social-Emotional Health

Kids Have Stress Too & Stress Lessons

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Even the most nurturing home and school environment includes a range of stressors that can both challenge and motivate children. The Kids Have Stress Too and Stress Lessons programs were designed by the Psychology Foundation of Canada to help the important people in children’s’ lives  (the parents and caregivers) learn to promote resiliency by buffering the impact of stress, and building positive coping strategies to deal with life’s stressors.

We offer several parenting workshops throughout the year that focus on providing you with information and strategies to help support your child’s social-emotional health, and their ability to cope with stress. 

Selection of Programs:

  • Kids Have Stress Too! Kindergarten and Preschool Program (3-6 years)
  • Kids Have Stress Too! Parent Program (Grades 1-3) 
  • Stress Lessons Parent Program (Grades 4-6)
  • Stress Lessons Parent Program (Grades 7-9)

Psychology Foundation of Canada

Social Thinking Programs

Social thinking is the process of interpreting the thoughts, beliefs, intentions, emotions, knowledge and actions of others. By helping children build social competencies early on in life will allow them to cultivate healthy relationships, and to be successful in school and in life. We offer two Social Thinking programs, We Thinkers (ages 3-5) and Superhero Social Thinking (ages 6-10). We invite parents and caregivers to attend with their children so that families can learn these skills together in a fun and interactive environment.

We Thinkers (Ages 3-5)

During this 6-week program, parents/caregivers and their children (ages 3-5) will learn about social skills through interactive stories and engaging activities. Topics covered include thinking thoughts & feeling feelings, the group plan, thinking with your eyes, body in the group, and whole-body listening. This program will help your child develop the skills needed for social success in Kindergarten and beyond!

Superhero Social Training (Ages 6-10)

During this 6-week program, parents/caregivers and their children (ages 6-10) will learn about social skills through interactive stories, engaging activities, crafts, and more. Together, parents and children learn how to be 'social detectives', use their Superflex Powers, and defeat the Unthinkables. This program is filled with imagination and fun for everyone!

Emotion Commotion (Ages 3-5)

Children 3-5 years old and their caregivers learn how to independently problem solve, improve friendship skills, enhance positive behaviours, and control their emotions over 6-weeks. This program was designed using the evidence-based PATHS® Curriculum, which offers developmentally-appropriate activities to facilitate the learning of emotional literacy, self-control, problem-solving skills, healthy social skills, and the cognitive skills needed for school readiness. Simultaneously, caregivers have the opportunity to develop parenting tools and knowledge relating to their child's social-emotional development, and how they can continue supporting this at home.

For More Information & Upcoming Program Dates

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