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On May 7, the Chestermere Emergency Management Agency announced that it intend to align with the provincial rollout - meaning that if the province allows a specific type of business to reopen, they may also do so in Chestermere - provided they follow requirements as listed in the Amended Order (May 5) - Businesses and Services Requirements.

Learn more about the Provincial Re-Launch strategy and when business sectors can open. 

Local Regulations for all Businesses

Staff Wellness Check 

  • Staff should be screened daily to ensure they are well.  
  • If a staff member is exhibiting any symptoms, they must stay home as required in the Provincial Public Health Orders. If a staff member becomes sick while at work, employers must follow the Provincial Guidelines (page 3). 
  • Businesses must notify the Chestermere Emergency Management Agency (CHEMA) if a staff member has a suspected or confirmed case of COVID19 and any persons who may have had exposure to the staff member within the past 14 days. Email to report a case.  

Hand Hygiene  

  • Hand sanitizing stations (including hand washing stations) must be available for all patrons and upon entry to their premise.  
  • If a business requires hand sanitizer, they can make a request to the Emergency Command Centre using this form.  
  • Proprietors should request anyone entering the premises to sanitize their hands.  

Occupancy Limits & Physical Distancing 

  • Physical distancing of no less than 2 meters must be practiced at all times. 
  • Businesses should consider protocols that help customers practice physical distancing (lines on the floor, restricting access, etc.)  


  • In an enclosed business premise where physical distancing cannot be maintained in order to provide the service offered by the business, any and all persons not maintaining social distancing, including service providers and clients, must wear a face mask; 
  • If a business requires masks, they can make a request to the Emergency Command Centre using this form. 
  • Face masks are strongly advised in any situation where gathering or congregating is occurring.  

Cleaning & Sanitization 

  • Businesses must implement a strict and regular routine of sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces that people regularly touch including door handles, tools, surfaces, etc.     
  • Businesses must thoroughly sanitize and disinfect washrooms throughout the day. 
  • Businesses are strongly encouraged to utilize “tap to pay” or contact-less payment options.  
  • All keypads, payment terminals, automated teller machines, automatic transaction machines must be sanitized and disinfected after each use.  

Entry Screening 

  • Proprietors should pre-screen patrons using CHEMA’s Pre-Screening Questions.  
  • This should be done when booking an appointment and upon arrival to an appointment (if applicable). 
  • Any person displaying symptoms of illness must be refused entry to any commercial establishment. 
  • Proprietors should refuse entry to anyone who does not pass the screening.  


  • Let your patrons know you are re-opening and COVID-Aware by taking the steps listed above. 
  • You can also download a poster for your door here.
  • Events are not permitted but if you are planning to do anything special for reopening, you must create an enhanced health and safety plan and submit it for approval to the Emergency Command Centre by emailing


Some business sectors, including:

  • Real Estate & Showhomes
  • Construction Sites
  • Taxi & Livery Services

have additional local requirements. Please read the Amended Order (May 5) - Businesses and Services Requirements


If you have questions about local regulations, email

If you have questions about provincial regulations, email