Offering Resources & Supplies

Alberta Bits and Pieces Program - Emergency Response Data Base

If you, your company, or your organization has a product or service to offer, please submit via the linked form. Provide details of the product or service you have to offer to assist the COVID-19 pandemic response.

If there is a requirement for your product or service, you will be contacted by a representative of the Government of Alberta.

Fill out the form here

Local Supplies & Sales of Personal Protective Equipment

The City is listing where residents can find or purchase personal protective equipment including masks, gloves and sanitizer.

Any local businesses who can provide masks to the public are welcome to email to be added to this list.

About selling non-medical masks

The Competition Bureau of Canada says that "if you sell non-medical fabric masks, do not make false or misleading claims about COVID19 prevention. These claims would be considered illegal under the Competition Act and the Textile Labelling Act. See more here:

Cloth #masks for sale also require a label that indicates fibre composition and dealer identity. Everyone selling these masks, whether artisans or businesses, must comply. See more here:

 Consult Health Canada for info on the recommended use and limitations of non-medical #masks: