Boat Launch

  1. New Permit Process
  2. Hours & Location
  3. New Launch Fees 
  4. Protecting the Lake 
  5. Regulations & Safety

We have a new permit system we are implementing this summer!

Permits will be available upon resident's first visit to the launch beginning Friday, May 3rd at 8:00 am. A new electronic decal system will allow easy access to the launch by activating the automated gate arms.

What's new for residents?

1. You will receive an electronic bar-code sticker and digital pin code upon registering your boat this summer.

2. You will be required to purchase a season pass upon registration for $35.00, which will help cover the cost of the sticker, pin and other expenses related to improving Lake safety this summer and in the future.

3. You will only need to bring in your documents to register for a permit once, as we will be keeping digital records of these document.

4. The bar-code sticker will be required to be placed on your boat(s) (specific height and location information will be provided by boat launch staff), as this sticker will be scanned to provide flexible access and track boat activity in and out of the launch.

5. The sticker and pin will allow access in and out of the boat launch parking area from 6:30 am – 11:59 pm daily (but users will be required to be out of our launch parking area by 10:00 pm, from May 4th to October 9th.

6. During the registration process you will be required to provide:

          a. Proof of residence (drivers licence)

          b. Pleasure Craft Operator Card

          c. Transport Canada Boat License # (for motorized boats of 10 horsepower or more) or Trailer License for Personal                            Watercraft or Boats under 10 horsepower  

7. You will be given an orientation upon permit registration which will include information about preventing invasive species, a boat safety courtesy check along with a Lake safety map and contact information for the boat launch, CPOs and RCMP.

8. Each year decals will be reactivated following the purchase of a season pass during your first visit to the launch. No paperwork will be needed except proof of residency at that time. 

What’s new for visitors (non-resident)?

1. Visitor’s will be required to pay per day (see NEW Fees section for 2019 fees) and will be given access to the launch with a temporary pin.

2. Visitor’s will receive an orientation from boat launch staff including an invasive species survey, educational material and Lake safety courtesy check every time they come through the launch.

3. Visitor will have access to get a pass during boat launch staff hours – 8:00 am – 9:00 pm, and will be required to be out of the Boat Launch parking area by 10:00 pm.



Boat Launch - web_thumb.jpgIf you have questions or concerns about the Boat Launch Fees or application, please call City Hall at (403) 207-7050.  

Water Rescue: 

If you see someone in distress, call 9-1-1. Chestermere Fire Services crews are certified in aquatic rescue techniques and ice rescue. Learn more about aquatic rescue here. 

Not launching a boat?

Visit our Lake Activities page to learn about other activities on Chestermere Lake.