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One on one parenting support

One-on-One Parenting Support

Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs we will take on. You won't always have the answers or know what to do - this is normal! That's where the Parent & Caregiver Support Services (PCSS) team comes in! Our warm and welcoming team of Caregiver Support Facilitators is here for you - whether it's providing you with connections to resources, getting information on potty training, or finding out how you can help your child cope with stress - our team will help you create a customized plan that works for your family. 

Connect with us

Do you have a general parenting question or concern? Connect with us today to set up a one-on-one parenting session at (403) 207-7050 or send an email to

More Resources

One on One Parenting Support: 

Do you have a general parenting question or concern? Connect with one of our Caregiver Support Facilitators for individualized, one-on-one parenting support, information, and resources. Connect with us at (403) 207-7050 or

On-Demand Seminars: 

Check out our Programs Listing page to learn more about past programs and watch past seminar videos. 

Developmental Check-Ups:

Check out the Ages & Stages Questionnaires (ASQs) resource to complete a free, online check-up to make sure your child (under the age of 6) is meeting developmental milestones, and receive helpful resources and activity ideas to support all areas of their development. 

Family Resource Network Programs:

Trellis Commons Chestermere Strathmore Family Resource Network offers a variety of programs and support services for children 0-18 years of age. Learn more on their website here.

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