East Acreages Project

Current Notices:

Council held an East Acreages Virtual Community Roundtable on January 27, 2021:

BackgroundEast Acreages Map

The East Acreages is an area of 138 Hectares (342 Acres) found along the eastern boundary within the City of Chestermere. This area was annexed into the City from the Municipal District of Rocky View (now Rocky View County) in 2008.  


  • 2008: Land Annexed
  • 2009: East Acreages a candidate for Area Structure Plan (ASP)
  • 2011: Survey in favour to proceed with ASP
  • 2013: East Acreages Land Use Concept
  • 2014 (Aug): East Acreage ASP 1st Reading
  • 2015 (June): East Acreages 2nd Reading Defeated
  • 2017 (Feb): Interim Servicing options presented to Council
  • 2018 (June): Process to complete ASP
  • 2018 (June-Sept): Interviews & Research
  • 2018 (Oct) & 2019 (June): Information Sessions
  • 2019 (Aug) Committee of the Whole & Council Meeting
  • 2019 (Dec): In-camera Council Meeting
  • 2020 (Feb): Development options presented at Committee of the Whole
  • 2020 (Mar-Nov): AHS & CHEMA COVID-19 Restrictions
  • 2021 (Jan): Virtual Roundtable - See 'Current Notices' for details. 

Development Options

At the February 11, 2020 Council meeting, Chestermere staff shared an update and presented three possible options for development in the East Acreages area. 

Based on the presentation, Council directed staff to coordinate a Community Roundtable with East Acreage residents.  The intent of the Roundtable is to discuss these three options and potential next steps for this project. 

The feedback gathered from the Community Roundtable is intended to assist Council in determining the optimal strategy going forward for the City of Chestermere.

 EA Options

Click here to view the full report presented to Council in February 2020.


For all East Acreages related inquiries please email eastacreages@chestermere.ca or call 403-207-7075