Lake Ice Measurements

Winter Lake SafetyNO ICE IS SAFE ICE

Chestermere Fire Services would like to remind the community that with the warmer weather, ice quality is rapidly declining, especially at the shoreline of Chestermere Lake. Please be extremely cautious around bodies of water as no ice is safe ice. Also remember that automobiles are not permitted on the lake.  

Ice Depths

Updated March 2021: PLEASE STAY OFF THE ICE

Due to warm temperatures and fluctuating ice conditions, recording ice measurements on the lake has ended.

Safety of the public and of City staff is of the utmost importance. It is strongly advised that residents and visitors stay off of the ice.

While ice rescue services are available from Protective Services, you use the Lake and any ice surface at your own risk.

Due to the current weather and ice conditions, has come to the end of our ice maintenance season.

Thank you to all of our volunteers that have helped with the maintenance of our rinks this winter.

We look forward to bringing skating opportunities throughout the city next season.

Chestermere Lake Ice Depths:

LocationDateTemperatureDistance from Shore (metres)Ice Depth (centimeters)
South end of Chestermere Lake


Stay tuned for 2022 details



Sunset Park

Cove Beach

The Landing

Anniversary Park

Ice Depth (thickness) Standards:
Ice Depth Standards

Note: The City does not give permits for any recreational activities on storm ponds. The water levels and ice thickness changes throughout the winter due to the freeze-thaw cycle and it is unsafe to be on these ponds. Learn more at