Utility Upgrades

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This summer, the City is continuing important work to update the stormwater system (to reduce the possibility of flooding) and update old copper water lines (that are eroding into the soil).

Residents will see these upgrades over the summer months, beginning in May 2022. 

Stormwater and catch basin improvements will begin right away, starting in The Cove in May, followed by copper water service replacements in The Cove through August 2022.

During construction, temporary road closures and diversions may occur in certain areas. On occasion, access to driveways and greenspaces may be briefly limited, and some construction noise and street parking restrictions are expected. 

“We understand construction and road closures are inconvenient for residents while these upgrades take place,” says Mark Ruault, Senior Municipal Engineer for the City of Chestermere. “However, we ask residents for their patience and understanding over the next few weeks as we work to improve our community’s infrastructure.”

All affected residents will be notified before starting construction with more specific timelines and information on what to expect. 

Funded by the Government of Alberta’s Municipal Stimulus Plan grant program, these upgrades will improve the City’s resiliency to future flooding events.

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  2. Copper Water Service Replacements
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Updated: May 16, 2022

Stormwater Upgrades throughout Chestermere

When snow melts or rain happens, stormwater systems collect this water and divert it to stormwater facilities so it doesn’t flood homes. Upgrades to the stormwater mains, catch basins, and overland drainage are necessary to ensure our systems can properly handle significant rain events, function at optimal capacity, and eliminate rainwater pooling on the roads or on private property. 

After Chestermere experienced torrential rain in 2015, the City conducted stormwater modelling to examine where systems could be modified or improved. Areas not capable of handling another 1 in 100-year storm event were identified and several are now slated for upgrading.  

Stormwater upgrades are expected to take place in the following areas:


  • Cove Landing/Cove Bay
  • Cove Point Pathway
  • Cove Point/Cove Drive
  • Cove Landing/Cove Bay
  • Windermere Drive
  • Springmere Drive/Invermere Drive
  • Springmere Road
  • Parkmere Court
  • Merganser Drive
  • Willowmere Close, Willowmere Way, Willowmere green space
  • Parkmere Court
  • Aspenmere Place
  • East Chestermere Drive
  • Rainbow Falls Lane, Rainbow Falls Link, Rainbow Falls Blvd

Upcoming (construction dates May 2022):

  • Site 16: Long Beach Landing/West Chestermere Drive

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Contact Information

Sigfrido Pachaco-Vega, Project Manager.