Boards & Committees

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Council creates Boards and Committees to provide recommendations to Council, as well as to invite feedback and input from residents on various topics. The list below explains the responsibilities of each committee, how often they meet, and minutes from their meetings. 

If you have any further questions about boards or committees please call
(403) 207-7050.

Audit Committee

2 - 4 Public Members

The Audit Committee serves to oversee the work of Council’s appointed Auditor to ensure that obligations under the Municipal Government Act are completed and facilitated by the City. The Committee provides advice to Council and the City of Chestermere in fulfilling its financial oversight responsibilities.


  • Karlie van Schuur
  • Simina Giurcovici
  • Joanne Herman
  • Jill Garcia

Chestermere and Area Welcoming and Inclusion Committee 

5 – 10 Public Members 

The Chestermere and Area Welcoming and Inclusion Committee’s purpose’s is to advise and support Council and City Administration with the goal of making the City of Chestermere a more welcoming and inclusive community for new comers and residents alike.


  • Andrea Scheelar
  • Katrin Klausner
  • Abeer Araji
  • Rupindeer Dullat

Chestermere Accessibility Advisory Committee 

5 – 7 Public Members 

The Chestermere Accessibility Advisory Committee will provide policy recommendations, experiential knowledge, and strategic advice to Council and City of Chestermere Administration on accessibility issues with the aim of making City infrastructure, facilities and services more accessible for all citizens, including seniors and those with physical, sensory, cognitive or other impairments and accessibility challenges.


  • Colton Smorong
  • Bhawanjot Grewel
  • Krista Lavarato 
  • Marilyn King
  • Craig Nichols
  • Dennis van Schuur
  • Bobbi-Jo Sivens

Chestermere Economic Development Advisory Committee 

5-7 Public members 

The Chestermere Economic Development Advisory Committee’s purpose is to provide Council and the City of Chestermere Administration with advice and recommendations on matters relating to attraction, development, and retention of all businesses within Chestermere.


  • Ronald van Schuur 
  • Kamran Bhutta
  • Mohammad Sultan
  • Mir Hussain Ali 
  • Kyle Benning
  • Rupindeer Dullat
  • Z.T. Toni Decosta

Chestermere Library Board

8 Public Members 

The Chestermere Library Board’s purpose is to oversee the management of the Chestermere Public Library.


  • Samantha Smorong
  • Lauren Stahl 
  • Rupindeer Dullat

Chestermere Community Grant Fund Committee 

5 – 10 Public Members 

The Chestermere Community Grant Fund Committee’s purpose is to aid the City of Chestermere’s charitable donations, from both internal and external resources, with the intent to advocate local, regional, and provincial non-profit organizations that enhance social infrastructure to benefit the community and its residents.


  • Murray Grant
  • Philip Hoetger
  • Mara Lee Duff
  • Nisha John 
  • Scot Caithness
  • Carlen Scheyk
  • Balijinder Sull

Lake and Watershed Advisory Committee 

5 – 10 Public Members

The Watershed Advisory Committee’s purpose is to support Lake and Watershed sustainability initiatives; monitor Lake and Watershed water for invasive species, water quality and watershed viability; and to support Council and Administration with the implementation and follow up activities regarding the lake and watershed.


  • Sonya Leduc 
  • Aaron Mason
  • David Jackson
  • Sarah Nelson 
  • Jody Bell
  • Kamran Bhutta
  • Archet Kaur 
  • Z.T. Toni Decosta

Lake Recreation Committee 

5-10 Public Members 

The Lake and Recreation Committee’s purpose is to support lake recreation by providing public education on safety, information about the quality of the water, Ice thickness. In addition, the Lake Recreation Committee will support Council and Administration in the implementation and follow-up activities regarding the lake.


  • Jody Bell
  • Kamran Bhutta
  • Abeer Araji
  • Z.T. Toni Decosta
  • Lee Dunbar
  • Riley Georgsen 
  • Jody Bell

Minor Sports Committee 

5 – 15 Public Members 

The Minor Sports Committee’s purpose is to advise and support Council and City Administration with the enhancement and development of indoor and outdoor sport-facilities. In addition, the Committee will also develop and implement action plan and provide recommendations to Council on how to support the overall growth and development of minor sports in Chestermere. 

Police Communications Committee 

Maximum 8 Public Members 

The Police Communications Committee is established for the purpose of providing a casual forum to receive input from the community and share information with respect to communicating items of public safety objectives and priorities.


  • Jody Bell
  • Siobhan Koroll
  • Richard Grier
  • Saman Dhudwal
  • Nicole Maillot Johnson
  • Laurie Mcleod
  • Victor Pouteaux 
  • Guirkiran Randhawa

Aging in Place Committee 

7 – 10 Public Members 

The Aging in Place Committee’s purpose is advise and assist Council and the City of Chestermere administration on issues of Housing, Heath, Support and Services in order to assist current Senior residents while also preparing the city for current residents of all ages to remain in place.


  • Diana Bright
  • Abeer Araji
  • Mary Allen
  • Rupindeer Dullat
  • Kamran Bhutta

Social Master Planning Committee 

5 – 10 Public Members

 The Social Master Planning Committee’s purpose is to advise and assist Council and City Administration to create a framework for delivering a range of services within the community. The Committee will focus on areas, but not limited to, such as: housing, recreation, education, healthcare, income and employment, transportation, and community safety and engagement.


  • Mir Hussain Ali 
  • Avi Parmar
  • Abeer Araji
  • Z.T. Toni Decosta
  • Rupindeer Dullat
  • Haily Romano
  • Kathy Sikora

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board 

6 Public Members 

In accordance with the Municipal Government Act, the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board’s responsibility is to hear appeals from municipal subdivision and development authorities and to make decision on land use within the City. In order to participate in this committee, members are required to participate in training. Costs associated with the training will be covered by the City.


  • Philip Hoetger
  • Terra Klassen
  • Patrick Watson
  • Stephen Sgarbossa
  • Andrew Stone
  • Shawn Scheyk
  • Don Roberts
  • Katheryn Carins 
  • Scot Caithness

Combative Sports Commission

4 Public Members 

The City of Chestermere has 4 vacancies for the Combative Sports Commission. The role would entail the following:

  • Coordinating pre-event activities such as weigh-ins
  • Staffing requirements of officials and medical personnel
  • Developing and publishing rules and policies governing the conduct at these events
  • Protecting the health and safety of competitors
  • Maintaining the integrity of Chestermere’s sport industry
Blue Line

Partnerships/Community Committees:

Members of Council also sit on the following boards & committees:

  • Calgary Airport Community Consultative Committee
  • Calgary Intermunicipal Committee
  • Calgary Metropolitan Region Board
  • Chestermere Chamber of Commerce
  • Chestermere Emergency Management Agency and Committee
  • Utilities Co. Board
  • Inter-City Forum on Social Policy
  • Rocky View Intermunicipal Committee