Election 2017

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The official results for the City of Chestermere for the 2017-2021 term of office are: 

Mayoral Candidates Number of Votes 
Bhatti, Khaleel   330
Blanchard, Ray  46
Chalmers, Marshall - elected  2628
Hodgson, Jeff  987
Roch, Ryan   874 

 Councillor Candidates Number of Votes 
Amoruso, Greg  1102
Bold, Laurie - elected  2213
Burness, Cathy - elected  2172
Fleger, Tommy  1023
Foat, Mel - elected  2195
Funk, Blaine  1859 
Gill, Mo   917
Kardash, Anna  1538
Kersch, Allan  1723
Narayan, Ritesh - elected  2067
Schell, Laurianne  1625
Taylor, Amy  1314
Thompson, Clayton James   880
Wagner, Yvette - elected   2264
Young, Michelle - elected   2510

Thank you for voting!

 4878 residents took the time to cast their ballot. This is a significant increase in voter turnout from the 2013 election where only 2571 residents voted. 

Pursuant to Section 98 of the Local Authorities Election Act, and under certain circumstances, the Returning Officer may conduct a recount in the 44 hours immediately following the closing of voting stations. If a recount is conducted, the Returning Officer will notify any candidates that may be affected. No recount was conducted for the 2017 election.

At 12 noon on October 20, the Returning Officer posted the official results at City Hall and announced the final, official results of the election. 

After the Election, all candidates must remove all election signage within 7 days. Those candidates who were accepting campaign contributions must file a campaign disclosure statement on or before March 1, 2018.

 Those candidates who have been elected will take their Oath of Office on Monday, October 23 and officially begin their term of office. The public is welcome to attend.

We would like to thank all the residents who took the time to come and vote. We will be doing an extensive review of our election process to find ways to improve wait times in future elections. 

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