Snow Routes & Parking Bans

Current Snow Route Parking Bans

There are currently no parking bans in effect.

To receive notifications by email or text message when a parking ban is in place, sign up for Snow Alerts under 'Notify Me'.

Snow Routes

The following roadways are designated as "Snow Routes":
  • The entrance to the Cove (100-148 Cove Drive)
  • Marina Drive from West Chestermere Dr to Stonemere Point (120-405 Marina Drive)
  • All of Invermere Drive
  • Windermere Drive from Marina Drive to Invermere Drive (204-280)
  • West Lakeview Drive
  • West Creek Drive from West Lakeview Drive to Rainbow Falls Dr (276-320 West Creek Drive)
  • Rainbow Falls Drive
Being on a snow route means that after a large snowfall (that is not expected to melt in the near future) residents and visitors will be asked to move vehicles off the street from 8:00am – 4:30pm on certain days so snow plows can remove as much snow as possible from the roadway and the parking lanes.

While the roadway will be considered a ‘snow route’ all year long, there will only be specific times when a parking ban is declared and you will be asked to keep your vehicle off the street.

You will be notified that there is a parking ban in place for your street by: Parking Ban in Effect Sign

Temporary Signs (example to the right): If we need you to move your vehicle, there will be sandwich boards placed in your area at least 24 hours in advance letting you know.

Website: If a parking ban has been declared for your area, it will be posted on our website on our homepage and on the top of this page.
Homepage Notification

Notifications: On our website, you can sign up to receive email or text message notifications under ‘Notify Me’ on the right hand side. If you sign up for the ‘Snow’ under the ‘Alert Centre’ category, you will receive immediate notifications if you need to move your vehicle.

Please note that if you do not move your vehicle when a parking ban is in effect, your vehicle will be towed to the Classic Towing Impound Lot (285200 61 Ave Rockyview, AB) and you will receive a fine.


Contact Public Works at (403) 207-2807.