Street Sweeping

​Zone sweeping is now complete!

Thanks for moving your vehicles and helping us make a clean sweep of the streets.


  • Signs will be posted in your area at least 24 hours in advance of street sweeping.
  • Street sweepers operate Monday to Friday (8:00 AM - 3:30 PM). They will not sweep in your area on garbage and recycle days.
  • Please ensure all vehicles, including trailers and RV's are moved from the street prior to 7:00 am on the day your street is to be swept.
  • Remove all obstacles from the roadway such as, driveway ramps, toys, basketball hoops etc. to allow the street sweeper to get as close as possible to the curb.
  • If you do not move your vehicle, the street sweepers will go around your vehicle and will not return to sweep again.
  • Please do not follow too close behind a sweeper.
  • Periodic sweeping is conducted throughout the year to touch up in high traffic areas.
  • If you fail to move your vehicle from the street when sweeping is underway, you may be ticketed (as there is a $75 fine).
  • Areas still under new construction are the responsibility of the developer to maintain.

2018 Zone Schedule:

  • Zone 1: The Cove - COMPLETE
  • Zone 2:  East Side - COMPLETE
  • Zone 4: West Chestermere Drive and the Beaches - COMPLETE
  • Zone 3: Westmere East Side - COMPLETE
  • Zone 5: South of West Lakeview Drive from Rainbow Road to West Chestermere Drive. Rainbow Falls. ​ZONE 5 Areas that will start on Tuesday May 22, include: Rainbow Falls Green, RF Gate, RF Heath, RF Glen, RF Passage, RF Bay, RF Terrace & RF Way. Crimson Close, Crimson Lane, Westchester Blvd, Westchester Way & Westchester Green. Long Beach Landing, West Lakeview Close, West Lakeview Point & West Lakeview Place. Portion of West Lakeview Drive from West Lakeview Point to West Chestermere Drive
  • Zone 6: North of West Lakeview Drive to Merganser Drive West - COMPLETE
  • Zone 7: COMPLETE

  • Zone 8: COMPLETE
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