Street Sweeping

Update May 23: The City of Chestermere has granted a noise permit to a contractor group providing them with a temporary exception to our noise bylaw (004-12).

Starting on Monday, May 27 from 10 p.m. until Tuesday, May 28 at 7 a.m. the contractor will be cleaning and sweeping the parking lots at the following locations:

  • 120 Chestermere Station Way
  • 156 Chestermere Station Way
  • 175-Chestermere Station Way
  • 196 Chestermere Station Way
  • 100-Marina Drive
  • 180 Marina Drive
  • 120-John Morris Way

The shared goal for the City and the contract crews is to reduce the disturbance to our residents as much as possible by completing this work over one night.

The contractor will place signage 24 hours prior to cleaning and ensure that areas closest to private residences or apartment buildings will be cleaned first to try and reduce the noise levels for residents.

Concerns can be directed to Chestermere Community Peace Officers at (403) 207-7058 but must include the callers name and contact information. Thank you for your patience while this work is completed!

Street sweeping occurs every spring in Chestermere. It begins with bulk (general) sweeping and will progress to detailed sweeps in specific neighbourhoods.

Dates for individual neighbourhoods will be posted on signage in your community and on the City's Facebook page. 


  • Signs will be posted in your area at least 24 hours in advance of street sweeping.
  • Street sweepers operate Monday to Friday (8:00 AM - 3:30 PM). They will not sweep in your area on garbage and recycle days.
  • Please ensure all vehicles, including trailers and RV's are moved from the street prior to 7:00 am on the day your street is to be swept.
  • Remove all obstacles from the roadway such as, driveway ramps, toys, basketball hoops etc. to allow the street sweeper to get as close as possible to the curb.
  • If you do not move your vehicle, the street sweepers will go around your vehicle and will not return to sweep again.
  • Please do not follow too close behind a sweeper.
  • Periodic sweeping is conducted throughout the year to touch up in high traffic areas.
  • If you fail to move your vehicle from the street when sweeping is underway, you may be ticketed (as there is a $75 fine).
  • Areas still under new construction are the responsibility of the developer to maintain.

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