A Note from the Mayor 

Hello Chestermere! 

It is my pleasure to be able to present to you another year of great news on taxation. As you may understand, it is rare for municipalities to be able to lower property taxes with increasing populations and demand for services, but due to tremendous fiscal responsibility and stewardship, the City of Chestermere has achieved a truly remarkable feat – another year reducing property taxes.

 After undergoing an exhaustive municipal inspection, the City has emerged stronger than ever with prudent financial measures in place. Through meticulous organization restructuring, increased efficiencies, and a reduction in operational bloat, the City has achieved an outstanding $6.2 million budgetary surplus – resulting in unprecedented savings for residents on their tax bill.

 This year, the City is pleased to further reduce the residential property tax mill rate to 3.61 – an astounding 25% decrease in the Mill Rate! This surplus is a testament to the diligent efforts of city officials, employees, and community members who have worked tirelessly to optimize resources and streamline operations. By carefully examining every aspect of the city's functions, we identified opportunities to eliminate unnecessary costs and enhance efficiencies, leading to an unprecedented surplus.

 However, while this provides immediate benefits to residents through lower property taxes, the City also recognizes the importance of planning for the future. This surplus will be strategically allocated to a dedicated fund for future projects and initiatives. This prudent financial planning ensures that we have the resources to tackle upcoming challenges and invest in the long-term development and prosperity of our city.

 City Council, and administration have worked diligently to provide financial stability in an uncertain time. Our quality of life continues to increase daily with transparency, accountability, and accessibility. As Mayor, I provide my unwavering commitment to building a better Chestermere for everyone – the best of Chestermere is still to come.

Here's to the future! 
Mayor Jeff Colvin 

About Your Taxes

In Alberta communities, residents pay taxes for municipal services (i.e. roads, libraries, policing, etc.) based on the value of their property. 

How Your Taxes are Calculated:

The Tax Rate Bylaw is passed each year in May following the budget and the tax rate is set. The tax rate is the City's tax requirement divided by the total assessed value in the community. To determine each property's fair share, the assessed value of a property is multiplied by that year's Tax Rate (Individual property taxes = Property's Assessed Value x Tax Rate.) 

Example: $933,331 (property assessment) x 3.60916 (municipal tax rate) ÷ 1000 = $3,368 annual municipal taxes. 

2023 Tax Rates: 

  • School Rate: 0.002382297 

  • Municipal Rate: 0.00360916

2022 Important Dates:


Assessment Notices are sent to residents. Contact the Tax Department if you did not  
receive one. Learn more about the assessment process here. 


May: Assessment Complaints are due. 
Click here to learn more about the Assessment Complaints process. 


Council approves the Tax Rate Bylaw.  


Tax Notices are sent to residents.  

July 31 

Taxes are due (unless you are enrolled in the TIPP program) 

December 22 

Supplemental Taxes Due. 
Check out the Supplemental Taxes Page to learn if this applies to you. 

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  2. Assessment Information
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  4. City Financial Information

Contact Information

Tax Clerk: Email 
P: (403) 207-7057

Sign up for an E-Tax Notice 

The City offers electronic delivery of tax related notices for your convenience. When you sign-up you will get a PDF of your notice sent directly to your email. There is no paper, no postage and no delay. Sign up here!