Stamp of Compliance


A Stamp of Compliance or certificate of compliance is a document signed by the City of Chestermere certifying that a development complies with the Land Use Bylaw. In particular, it certifies compliance with respect to yard requirements, that buildings are properly located on the site; structures do not exceed lot coverage or building height requirements, etc.

These certificates are usually required by mortgage companies as a means of protecting the buyer of a property. The following is information on how to apply for a stamp of compliance.

How does municipal compliance protect you? 

A Real Property Report is necessary to determine compliance with municipal bylaws. A municipality reviews and endorses the Real Property Report and indicates if the improvements meet the requirements of the local bylaws. The property owner can then resolve any outstanding issues identified by the municipality. Early preparation of a Real Property Report significantly speeds up the process of selling a property (Alberta Land Surveyors Association) 

Application Process

  1. Request for a Stamp of Compliance is submitted either via mail or in person at the Municipal Office.
  2. The submitted real property report will be reviewed to ensure that all buildings are in compliance with setback requirements of Land Use Bylaw 022-10 as amended and there are no encroachments into right-of-ways.
  3. This process could take approximately 7-10 business days.
  4. A rush application can be processed in approximately 1-2 business days (assuming no issues) for Residential applications only. Additional charges apply, please refer to Fee Schedule.
  5. Upon completion of the review, the City either approves or refuses the compliance request. A letter is provided to the requestor along with the real property reports submitted. If the compliance is approved, the real property reports is stamped and returned with the compliance letter, if the compliance is refused, there will be no stamp on any of the real property reports and the refusal reasons will be clearly indicated on the compliance refusal letter. The City will always keep one original for their records. 
  6. The City will notify the requestor that the review for a Stamp of Compliance has been completed. Depending on the delivery method indicated on the Stamp of Compliance cover letter as filled out by the requestor, the City may either mail the Compliance Stamp package addressed to the requestor or hold it in the Municipal Office until picked up by the requestor.


  • We will accept the RPRs without driveways, however we will make a note on the letter that we attach to the stamped RPR which will state that there was no driveway on the RPR at the time of receipt and that it is unknown if the driveway is in compliance with Land Use Bylaw 022-10, as amended or the issued development permit.
  • It will be solely the responsibility of the builder to ensure that the driveway is built in accordance with the issued development permit and in compliance with the Land Use Bylaw. Should we get complaints about issues, then we will enforce the builder to correct.
  • From June 1 to October 31, it is expected that a driveway be seen on the RPR, the City reserves the right to reject any RPR during those months.

We only want to protect all builders from non-compliance due to landowner variances to the original driveway installation, but also to ensure that the landowners are receiving a product that is poured according to the specifications of the originally issued development permit and in compliance with the City of Chestermere’s  Land Use Bylaw.

Feel free to contact our office at 403-207-7075 for any questions.