Business Permits & Licences

Before you begin operations, you will need (at minimum) a business permit and business license.

Business Permits

You must obtain the proper permits before opening. Follow these steps to ensure you get your paperwork in order:

  1. Connect: Visit the Community Growth & Infrastructure Department at City Hall, call (403) 207-7075, or email planning@chestermere.caand provide details about your business and desired location(s) to determine if your business is a permitted, discretionary or non-permitted use at that location(s), and the permits you will be required to obtain.
  2. Finalize Location: If your business is a permitted use at your desired location or you are comfortable with the process as a discretionary use, you can secure your location. If your proposed location is considered a discretionary use, there is a more extensive process and waiting period to determine whether your business will be allowed at that location.  You may want to consider reserving the location or placing a caveat on any lease or purchase that says “subject to municipal approval”;
  3. Apply for Permits: Begin the process of completing the permit applications:
  4. Approval: Once your location is finalized and your permits have been approved, you may begin advertising and apply for your business license.

Business Licenses 

Anyone operating a business in Chestermere must obtain a business license.

This includes: 
  • Businesses in their own building
  • Businesses leasing space from another company
  • Businesses who are contracted to do work in Chestermere
  • Home based businesses
You must have your proper permits in place before applying for your business license.

Note: Licenses expire December 31 of each year. Payment for licenses for the year are due January 31. 

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Business License Application and Renewal Forms:

  1. Commercial Premise
  2. Major Home Business
  3. Minor Home Business
  4. Non-Chestermere Business
  5. Temporary, Seasonal or Other Business
  6. Fee Chart

New Business License Application - Commercial Premise

Business License Renewal - Commercial Premise