Business Permits & Licences

Commercial Premise

If your business permanently occupies a building, property or physical location in Chestermere that is not your home or residence, click here to learn how to set-up-shop or renew your annual licenses.

Home business

If your business operates out of your home or residence, where your clients will come to your home or you will offer services while working from a home office, click here to find out where to start or renew your annual licenses.

Non Chestermere business

If you do business in Chestermere, but do not operate out of a permanent physical location within the City, click here to find the appropriate permits and business licenses.

Temporary seasonal or other business

If you operate a business in Chestermere seasonally (4 months of the year), monthly, weekly or for one day only, or you need to make changes to your business type, ownership or name, click here to submit your application forms.