Lake Maintenance

Weed Cutting Weed Harvester.jpg City staff harvest lake weeds during the months of July and August. Residents will likely see large orange weed harvesters out on the lake during the summer months.

If you are a lakefront owner: Lake weeds are picked up and composted by the City.
  • Thank you to all lakefront owners who take the time and immense effort to collect weeds along their lakeshore property

Lake Used for Irrigation

The lake is still actively used as a reservoir for irrigation canals that run along the north and south ends of the lake. As such, the Western Irrigation District (WID) is able to control the water levels. 

Water Quality Testing

City staff take samples of the lake water each week and send them for testing to Alberta Health Services. Testing is done at the Cove Beach, Sunset Park, John Peake Park and multiple samples are taken at Anniversary Park (due to its popularity). If water quality concerns are found, the City will notify the public. For more information, visit

Lake Lowering & Rising

The lake water is raised in the early spring (usually mid to late April) and is lowered shortly after the Thanksgiving holiday. If you have any questions about the lake water levels, please contact the Western Irrigation District (WID) at (403) 934-3542.