Snow Plowing

Snow Maintenance

The Roads Crew is responsible for plowing snow on major roads within our city boundaries during a snowfall. They tackle primary routes first with the goal of having them cleared for the morning commute. This means that they will start plowing in the middle of the night if necessary.
After primary routes have been plowed, crews move onto secondary roadways. View the interactive map below for more details. 
Snow Plow Map

What You Can Do

  • Winter roads can be slick and dangerous. Remember to drive with caution.
  • Drive carefully when passing or following the plow trucks. (Please give equipment some room to work and be aware that visibility may be reduced due to operation).
  • You are required to clear your sidewalk of snow within 48 hours of snowfall. You are not permitted to shovel snow onto the road.

Snow Route Parking Bans

Certain roadways are designated snow removal routes and temporary parking bans may be put in place to help crews clear away more snow. For more information about parking bans, visit the Snow Routes & Parking Bans page. 



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