Public Hearings

On various plans and projects, Public Hearings are required to be held so Council can hear various opinions on a proposal.

Public Hearings are usually held following the first reading of a bylaw and are advertised for at least two weeks prior to a Public Hearing. 

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Those wishing to make representations at a Public Hearing may do so through written submission or verbally through electronic means. Written submissions are encouraged to be submitted through this feedback form as early as possible following notice of the Public Hearing.

All submissions must include your name, address, reference to the bylaw you are speaking to and whether you are speaking in favour or in opposition. All valid submissions, including your personal information, will be part of the public record and included in the Council minutes unless directed otherwise by Council. 

Those wishing to make verbal representations at a Public Hearing must register with Legislative Services by 12:00 P.M. the day of the hearing by emailing with their name, address, telephone number, the bylaw they wish to speak to and whether they are speaking in favour or in opposition.

A member of staff will call you during the appropriate Public Hearing so that you can make your representation to Council. Please be available by your phone in anticipation of this call. The Mayor will address you to speak once you are on the line. Individuals will have a maximum of 5 minutes to make their representation. For detailed information on Public Hearing proceedings, please refer to section 8k) of Council’s Procedural Bylaw.

After a Public Hearing

Following a public hearing, Council will close the public hearing. They will then decide to:

  • Make amendments (if necessary) and pass the bylaw
  • Defeat the bylaw
  • Postpone consideration of the bylaw to another date

If you have any questions about Public Hearings, please contact Administration.