2016 Municipal Development Plan


What is the vision for Chestermere in 25 years?

Once a summer village on the shores of Chestermere Lake, the Chestermere of 2040 is a place like no other in the region. Accommodating small town and urban lifestyles, Chestermere offers a diversity of housing options. From large lot residential to multi-family with a variety of unit sizes, Chestermere is a place where people of all ages call home. The City upholds a community design standard that promotes connected and livable streets, where residents can easily access recreation amenities, natural spaces, as well as local services, schools, and employment by foot or vehicle. Comprised of family-oriented, recreation based neighbourhoods, Chestermere residents have developed strong community ties and an active lifestyle. Chestermere offers exceptional community services, public facilities, and recreation opportunities that provide all residents security, great civic pride, and a high quality of life. There are indoor and outdoor public gathering spaces where neighbors meet, interact, celebrate and enjoy cultural and art activities through any season. Through an integrated greenway and open space network, residents are connected to shops, local services, and each other. In Chestermere you can experience natural open spaces, parks, playgrounds, and pathways for play, recreation, education, and opportunities to enjoy the natural beauty of the environment.
Communities are anchored by vibrant mixed-use shopping centres that meet the everyday needs of residents and attract shoppers from across the region. Local commercial, office space, health services and education institutions provide ample opportunities for employment, innovative thought and growth to our community. The City’s commitment to economic development has cultivated the vibrant, flourishing Chestermere Downtown, as well as several key commercial and employment centres. Without the “hustle and bustle” of an urban setting, Chestermere manages to remain an oasis for recreation and relaxation while providing unique shopping, services and amenities sought out in the region.

How was the new MDP Developed?

 Updating the MDP was a 2 year process that included extensive public consultation and research. Check out the updates and information provided throughout the project on the MDP review process page for the details of the process. You can also read the original 2009 Municipal Development Plan here. 

What were the major changes?


How can I read the entire MDP?

Click on the cover page below to read the full document (in PDF).

mdp 2016

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