How your Taxes are Used

Taxes, along with grants, fees, and other contributions are used to pay for municipal services.

2021 Operating Expenses are divided as follows:

34% Community Operations:
The roads team keeps our streets, parks and equipment running.
The roads and fleet crews clear snow in the winter, sweep the sand in the spring and repair potholes throughout the year. Whether you are taking a walk on the City’s pathways, admiring the flower beds, enjoying a day at the beach, or trying new jumps at the Bike Park, the parks & recreation team make sure that our community is a clean and vibrant place to live.

24% City Governance Services:
These funds go towards the administrative and governance functions required to run a municipality which include legislative services, communications, finance, reception, administrative support and IT.
Expenses by Department

20% Community Safety

When you need help in an emergency, the RCMP and Fire Department and Community Peace Officers  make sure that assistance will be available to you. The Emergency Management team group also ensures that we can prepare and respond to disasters.

11% Community & People Services

This team ensures that our community is a welcoming and healthy place for all ages and ensures that our people (both staff and residents) are supported and cared for. This group offers events, inclusion and diversity support, Parent & Caregiver Support Services, and general social supports for residents of all ages.

9% Community Growth & Infrastructure

Planning, engineering, permitting and safety code services ensure our growth and development is sustainable for years to come. This team also ensures that new development is done in accordance with City standards.

2% Council & Mayor

This is a combination of expenditures that covers Council’s expenses.

0.1% General  

Few taxpayer dollars are spent here because there is other revenue to pay for items like education. Franchise fees are deposited into savings and used against future capital projects. Banking/investment fees are the other expenses in this category.