Aquatic Invasive Species

What are Aquatic Invasive Species?

Aquatic Invasive Species are plants and animals (mussels) that can infest our lake, damage pumps and irrigation systems, and clog boat props. Once established, aquatic invasive species are almost impossible to remove. 

What can you do?

  • Learn more about aquatic invasive species below. 
  • Clean, drain and dry your boat and gear to prevent the spread of invasive species.
  • Keep the boat out of the water for at least 30 days to ensure no mussels have survived. If it has not been out of the water for more than 30 days, have your boat inspected. Call 1-855-336-2628 for the nearest inspection site.

Aquatic Invasive Species that threaten Chestermere Lake

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Lakefront Homeowners

The City is looking to partner with residents to properly and safely remove flowering rush from our Lake. Watch this quick video from Nicole Kimmel on how to remove flowering rush during the fall when the lake is lowered. A flowering rush disposal bin is located at the Eco Centre building. Please contact the Parks Department if you have any questions at 403-207-2807 or

(403) 207-2807 

Visit the City's Flowering Rush Web Map

This map shows data collected by the City's Parks Team of flowering rush density around Chestermere Lake between 2019 - 2022.