Outdoor Skating Rink

Rink Rules:

  • Before skating on the Lake make sure to check the ice depths to ensure if is safe for use. You can find ice depth information updated weekly on this page.
  • All City rinks are unsupervised areas. The City of Chestermere is not responsible for loss or injury to rink users or damaged property.
  • It is recommended that children under the age of 12 be accompanied by an adult.
  • Wearing a helmet is strongly encouraged and protective padding is highly recommended.
  • No smoking or controlled substances are permitted at these rinks.
  • You must leave the ice during scheduled maintenance. 
  • Reminder: the City does not plow rinks on weekends or holidays.

Chestermere Lake Ice Depths: 

The City takes lake ice depth readings every 7 days. Visit the Lake Activities page for current ice measurements. 

Outdoor Rink Map

Public Ice Rinks

Ice Rink Location Status Date Condition Comments
NEW* Kinniburgh Rink Sandpiper Point & Sandpiper Crescent CLOSED April 2 Poor  
NEW* St. Gabriel Archangel School Rink 197 Invermere Road CLOSED April 2 Poor  
NEW* Alta-Link Rink Rainbow Falls Grove & Seagreen Link CLOSED April 2 Poor  
CRCA Outdoor Rink 201 W Chestermere Drive CLOSED April 2 Poor  
Chestermere Lake Rink - Anniversary Park 208 W Chestermere Drive CLOSED April 2 Poor
Chestermere Lake Rink - Sunset Park East Chestermere Drive CLOSED April 2 Poor  

Storm Ponds - Danger

The City prohibits recreational activities on storm ponds. The water levels and ice thickness change throughout the winter due to the freeze-thaw cycle and it is unsafe to be on these ponds. Going on these storm ponds is prohibited.  

storm pond button