Environmental Restoration Permit

When to Apply for Environmental Restoration Permit?

The Environmental Restoration Permit application and process shall be used for all Grow-Ops, flood and fire remediation and any other weather or environmental related remediation of any commercial and residential building in the City of Chestermere.

Permit Requirements

There are three (3) required application forms that shall be submitted; Environmental Restoration Pre-Screen Form, Environmental Restoration Requirement List and Environmental Restoration Permit Application.
  • Environmental Restoration Pre-Screen Form – must be completed by the applicant and submitted together with all the required documents. It is best to make an appointment by calling 403-207-7075 to ensure that a Safety Codes Officer- Building (SCO-Building) is available to review your documents at the front counter. Full application will not be accepted until all deficiencies listed on the Pre-Screen Form have been met.
  • Environmental Restoration Requirement List- shall be submitted once the Environmental Restoration Pre-screen Form has been completed and reviewed by the SCO-Building.
  • Environmental Restoration Permit - shall be submitted along with the Environmental Restoration Requirement List and all other required documents. This application shall undergo SCO-Building review after receiving the complete application package. Only the Pre-screen form will be reviewed at the front counter.

Notes: Payment for the permit shall be made when the Requirement List and Permit Application are submitted. Please refer to our Fee Schedule for applicable charges.


Application Forms & Packages

Safety Codes Inspections

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