Council Salaries & Expenses

Councillor Salaries

The following salaries set as per Policy 837 - Elected Officials Remuneration and Expenses.

These rates were recommended in 2021 through a comprehensive compensation survey across comparable municipalities.
Councillor Current Salary
Mayor $76,800
Deputy Mayor $40,500
Councillors $34,800

Elected Officials are eligible for benefits as per the Policy. They may voluntarily participate in an Group Retirement Savings Plan (RSP).

Neither the Mayor nor Councillors receive any other honorariums for attending committee or board meetings.

2017-2021 Council Expenses

The following documents are Council expenses including mileage, accommodation, transportation, meals, training and miscellaneous. 

  1. Mayor Chalmers
  2. Councillor Bold
  3. Councillor Burness
  4. Councillor Foat
  5. Councillor Narayan
  6. Councillor Kind
  7. Councillor Young

Click here to access previous year audited financial statements which includes salaries, benefits and allowances for Councillors.