Secondary Suites Registry

Secondary Suites Registry in Chestermere

Legal and safe secondary suites in Chestermere appear on The City of Chestermere's registry. These suites have been inspected, and have met the numerous safety requirements under Alberta's building code at the time the work allowed under the building permit was completed. Only suites that meet these safety requirements appear on the registry. You can locate them via address. A map of all such suites is available in the link below.

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Secondary Suite Owner FAQs

  • What is a Secondary Suite Registry?
The Secondary Suite registry is a voluntary online, searchable list identifying legal and safe secondary suites in Chestermere. These suites have been registered and inspected to meet Alberta's Building Code requirements.

  • What do we want to accomplish with this registry?
The registry aims to build awareness within Chestermere about the importance of public safety and the safety features of a legal secondary suite. Suites that have been inspected by the City, and meet the requirements under Alberta's Building Code provide the necessary measures to help protect lives.

  • What are the advantages of the registry for me? register-icon.png
Owners can use the registry as a means to promote their suite to current and future residents.

  • Is there a cost to be on the registry
No. The registry is intended to promote the importance of safe
secondary suites

  • How do I get on the registry?
After final building inspection has passed, which allows the suite to be occupied by renters legally, the Development and Infrastructure Services Department will automatically put your address and building permit number on the registry.

  • If the property is sold, does the registry transfer to the new owner?
Yes. The registry is connected to the address containing the legal and safe secondary suite.

  • How do I opt out of the registry?
As the address is automatically put on the registry, should you choose to opt out being on our registry,
please e-mail the Development and Infrastructure Services Department at to request removal of your address from the registry.

  • Can I make modifications to my secondary suite after the building permit is approved?
Any changes to your secondary suite may require additional permits and inspections. Please contact the Development and Infrastructure Services Department at 403-207-7075 and ask for Building Safety Codes Officer prior to altering anything.

  • What penalties might I face for owning an unsafe suite?
Besides a possible Development Stop Order and a fine of $5,000.00 for not applying to use your Principal Building as Secondary Suite, illegal secondary suite owners can also be charged under the Safety Codes Act for code deficiencies. A conviction under the Safety Codes Act carries a maximum fine of $100,000.00 for a first offence.

  • Can I be removed from the registry?
Yes. The City investigates all complaints, should your secondary suite be found to no longer comply with Alberta's Building Codes, your suite will be removed from the registry and enforcement may follow.