Bee City

There are many ways to help our native bees and honey bees thrive in our community!

1. Create habitat in your own back yard to help to feed pollinators and provide homes for native bees.  Check out our local plant list for plants that bees love and head to the local nursery or exchange some perennials with your neighbors!

2. Provide homes for solitary bees by clearing away mulch in spots in your plant/flower beds so bees can burrow into the soil. Build a bee hotel by drilling holes of different sizes into logs. 

3. Want a project that includes the kids? Here is a video on how to Build a Beehouse for younger children. 

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Are you interested in learning how to help native bees and other
pollinators thrive in your neighborhood?

Volunteer with your local Bee City working group to learn about pollinators and how to create bee friendly gardens.

Volunteers of all ages will help to plan habitat creation projects, increase awareness and provide opportunities to educate residents about the importance of pollinators in our urban environment.

Please call the Chestermere Parks Department at (403) 207-2807 or email to get involved.