Township Road 240 Upgrade

Project Overview

If you haven’t driven Township Road 240 in a while, it only takes a moment to realize you’ll be in for a bumpy ride.


Chestermere’s southern border road is one of the few remaining gravel roads in the community. Over the past few years its usage has grown and now serves approximately 800 vehicles per day. In 2015, the City received a Federal and Provincial grant for $6 Million to assist with the upgrade of the road.

This multi-year project consists of upgrading the existing gravel road along Township Road 240 and Range Road 282 to a new paved road. As part of the upgrade two new bridges will be constructed over the Western Irrigation District canals. A new bridge will also be constructed over the canal south of Kinniburgh Blvd to connect it to Range Road 282.

Project Updates

  1. November  2019
  2. October 2019
  3. August, 2019
  4. June 2019
  5. April 2019
  6. Jan 2019
  7.  2018 Updates
  8. 2017 Updates
  9.  2016 Updates

Update, November 7: reopened to the public today at noon! Thank you for your patience.

Update, November 4: Work crews have been able to take advantage the last of the fall
weather and Update for Township Road 240_Nov 4have completed paving on Twp Rd 240 and Southlink. 

There is still work going on as far as line painting, signs, ditch grading, fencing and some general clean up which will continue through this week and weekend.

There will be an update regarding reopening the road to the public before the end of the week. We appreciate your patience during the final stages of this project!


The project will be completed in the phase schedule indicated below:
    • October 19, 2016 - Open House - Thank you for attending!
    • Winter 2017—Spring 2017—Bridge construction on Twp Rd 240 over WID Canal (East) -  Construction Complete. 
    • Summer 2017 – Summer 2018—Twp Rd 240-  construction from RR 282 to Chestermere Boundary – Construction Complete
    • Summer 2018 & 2019 - Twp Rd 240 construction from Rainbow Road to RR 282 – Construction commenced
    • Fall 2018 – Spring 2019 - Kinniburgh Bridge and extension of Kinniburgh Blvd. to RR 282 (Southlink) – Construction commenced
    • Summer 2020—Twp Rd 240 construction from RR 284 to Rainbow Road
The Township Road 240 upgrade is being funded in part by the Small Communities Fund Grant as well as the City Off-Site Levies (from development). The South Link Connector is being funded by the Kinniburgh Developer(s).

On May 15, Council approved first reading of a borrowing bylaw to cover the upfront costs for this project not funded by grants. The loan, should it move ahead, On July 4, following advertising and public notice of the borrowing bylaw, Council passed 2nd and 3rd reading of the Bylaw. As such, the portion of the project not funded by grants will be repaid to the City through the collection of Roads off-site levies from future development and will cover the front-ending and outstanding costs. Those levies from developers will include payments for interest and administration costs associated with the project.

Project Overview Map
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Detailed Map Plans

Road Cross Sections