City Departments


Community Services

The Community Services Department vision is ‘an active, healthy and connected community’ and as such are responsible for working with residents to build community capacity, livable spaces and social and recreational infrastructure. Community Services' mission is “through community leadership & engagement we create an inclusive place to live, learn and play” which is facilitated by Parks & Recreation, Community & Social Development and Community Services.


Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Department’s goal is to become champions of organizational excellence by providing expertise and support in a collaborative and respectful environment. We support the municipality’s overall operations and development through the following function areas: Human Resources, Safety, Communication Services, Financial Services, Information Technology, Economic Development, Event Management and Legislative Services. They work towards the attainment of annual goals and initiatives within the broader framework of the City’s Municipal Development (Planning, Social and Recreational) Plan and the City and Department’s annual and 3 year Strategic and Business Plans.

Development & Infrastructure Services

The Development and Infrastructure Services Department (DIS) is responsible for all aspects of planning and development within the City, as well as providing maintenance of City roads, equipment and buildings. The Department’s staff are a highly visible presence for residents of the City and are often the first point of contact for resident concerns. The team is comprised of several distinct and interrelated functions which include: Building, Common Administration, Development, Engineering Services, Fleet Maintenance, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Planning, Project Management Office (PMO), Purchasing, and Roads. 

Protective Services

The Protective Services Department is an interagency cohesive department that protects and improves the quality of life of the people of Chestermere. The primary objective within Protective Services is to make Chestermere a safe place to live and to work in partnership to provide an excellent, cost effective service that will
  • Reduce risk by providing protective community safety services,
  • Respond quickly to emergencies with trained staff working to an appropriate level of service; and 
  • Restore and maintain the high quality of life in the community.