2017 Recipients

Family and Community Support Services Funding
Camp Chestermere Leadership

Camp Chestermere Teen Leadership Development - $16,310.00

Teen Leadership Development is open to all Chestermere teenage residents as well as those outside of Chestermere. The program aims to help students develop into effective leaders not only at the camp but in their schools, sports teams and other activities they are involved in. Through sessions, activities, team-building games, applicable resources and more, Camp Chestermere encourages participants to explore their skills and abilities, learn how they best lead and work in a team, learn what healthy life choices look like, and learn to value the importance of charity and volunteer work in their communities
Prairie Waters Awakening Passions

Prairie Waters Elementary School Awakening Passions - $9,000.00

Awakening Passions is a yearlong project for Grade 2 & 3 students that allows them the opportunity to develop and hone their interests while learning how to be self-directed, confident and collaborative learners. Each week students are exposed to new opportunities that allow them to explore and reflect on their passions. Students then select a potential passion to pursue and work on developing this through the remainder of the year before sharing their passion at a Celebration of Learning. 

Synergy Wellness Education Program - $54,585.00

Over the past three years there has been increasing numbers of vulnerable youth 12 years of age and older facing great challenges including but not limited to social/life skills trials, peer conflict/bullying, family discord, academic problems, gender identity issues, emotional and mental health struggles especially including depression and anxiety. While the need for preventative courses and workshops was always clear, the requirements for early intervention/family wellness education, including supported referrals has become increasingly evident.

Synergy Youth Leadership Education Program - $103,105.00

Youth Leadership Education Program offers a range of youth programs and services for youth from 7 – 17+ years of age. Activities focus on the development of youth through community engagement and leadership activities. Each activity is built on a foundation of mentorship support which builds resiliency through healthy, non-parent, adult relationships.

United Way/Chestermere Partnership Funding


Accredited Supports to the Community Association Healthy Families – $6,000.00

Healthy Families is a home visitation program for families with children 0 – 6 years. They provide in-home support, information and referrals in the areas of child development, parenting, family support and community resources. They follow guidelines established for home visitation by the Alberta Children’s Ministry and are members of the Alberta Home Visitation Network Association (AHVNA).
Camp Chestermere Gateway

Camp Chestermere Gateway Coordinator - $7,020.00 

Gateway is a program run by the Calgary Police Service. Young people who have been arrested for minor offences are given the opportunity to complete a program called Alternative Measures. By completing this program, the participant does not receive a criminal record. Camp Chestermere welcomes people from the Gateway Program out to the camp for one week or for a weekend to complete their community service hours. Participants are invited to stay on site and participate in the life of the camp while they are here. The Gateway Coordinator interviews potential people, provides more one on one assistance to the participants and supervises them while onsite at the camp.
Formative 5

Formative 5 Coalition Coordinator - $18,078.00

Formative 5 Coalition Coordinator works as part of the coalition to facilitate conversations between stakeholders, increase coalition visibility through community event participation, develop strategies based on the EDI data and manage tracking the outcomes of the interventions in early childhood development. 
Community Resource Centre

S.E. Rocky View Community Resource Centre - $18,902.00

Community Building through the Community Resource Centre has a long term plan to ensure that information and resources are easily accessible for individuals and families within Chestermere and Area. The Centre’s overall goal is to work alongside individuals and families to attain self-determination and to help restore a safe and healthy level of functioning with sustainable outcomes. The Community Resource Centre is responsible for serving a catchment area of 18,000+ residents within the City of Chestermere alone.