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Candidate Profiles

Candidates for Mayor

Bhatti, Khaleel

About Me: 

I have Master's degree in Economics, I am Associate Public Accountant, I have Certificate in Management Accounting, I am Licensed Financial Analyst and Licensed Realtor and Property Manager. I have worked at Various Managerial and executive Posts, I also chaired for many decision making committees and Finance Boards. 

My Views: Chestermere deserve a new Competent Mayor. STATUS-QUO HAS TO GO, I am the only one running against the current status-quo. I am determined to serve you with utmost Honesty, Respect and integrity. I will be the custodian of your interest. I will strive to bring new Gasoline-Alley on HWY1, I am campaigning for indoor sports-complex, Aquatic centre and a theme park. My number one priority will be to Control the CUI & we will do the house cleaning. Property tax burden will be reduced. Strict Financial Controls and transparency will be followed, I will bring the senior care facility. 

Website: www.khaleelbhatti4change.com
Email: krehmanab@gmail.com
Phone: 403-604-5786

Blanchard, Ray

About Me: 

Alberta Plumbing Gas Steam Solar Heating and Cross Connection Control. Chairman Yes Canada Referendum Committee Calgary East. Chairman Calgary East and Calgary Forest Lawn PC Assn. Policy Chairman Forest Lawn Provincial and Calgary East provincial Association 1985 to 1997. Worked on Labour Relations Act review 1986 and Apprenticeship act 1986. 

My Views: 

The future of Chestermere is jeopardized by high water tables that are saturated with…Sulfate salts. These salts they must be removed by lowering the water table. New building codes and standards are required. Storm water systems are needed to ensure the safety of citizens. Pipes water are jeopardized concrete in contact with these salts will decay. Much attention to development must be made to make sure projects will be completed. 

Website: None provided 
Email: None Provided
Phone: 403-279-9293

Chalmers, Marshall

About Me: Married 40 years with 4 terrific adult children and 1 grandchild. A lifetime of public service: in policing for 30 years, including nearly a decade as Chief of Police in Camrose. I also served a term as Mayor. I love Chestermere and our people and strongly believe in responsible government.

My Views: 
Everything we do will be open and transparent, the way public office is supposed to be. We will pull every lever available to us to attract light industrial and commercial development to diversify our tax base and lessen the burden on our families. We will investigate every available option with CUI so as to provide the services we need at an affordable rate. We will draft an interim budget focusing on fiscal prudence and take a close look at any recent commitments. With the right team, I’m confident we can move quickly to chart a course for a better future. 

As an elected official, Mayor Chalmers can now be contacted at: 
Website: Mayor Chalmers
Email: mchalmers@chestermere.ca 
Phone: 403-207-7073

Candidate Contact:
Website: marshallformayor.ca
Email: marshallchalmersformayor@gmail.com 
Phone: 587-575-9973


Hodgson, Jeff

About Me: I finished university in Regina and moved to the United States, but came back and jumped into a broadcasting career. I moved here in search of the Alberta Advantage and I found it! 
Today I’m a paramedic.
I have a house in Westmere, a lovely wife and an energetic daughter.

My views: 
I have three main priorities. Lower tax rates, responsible development, and a stronger, safer community. Responsible budget management, coupled with reasonable investments in needed programs and infrastructure will give us both the affordability and high quality of life we can all enjoy! It’s time for a new generation of leadership in Chestermere and my balanced approach aims to make our city a little better tomorrow than it was the day before. I’m decisive, determined and dependable and I’ll do my best to lead a new team of elected representatives working for your interests.

Website: www.jeffhodgsonformayor.com
Email: jeffhodgsonformayor@gmail.com
Phone: 587-580-8245

Roch, Ryan

About Me: I am born and raised Albertan, son to small business owners and entrepreneurs.  I am a husband and father, educated in Communications, Information Technology, & Telecommunications.  My Core beliefs are that municipal politics are at the service of the community and its residents. We should always be working for you.

My Views: Taxes and CUI are a discussion point at every door. My methodical approach will address these issues at a core level by reviewing operational spending at both the City and CUI.  Mending our relationship with the County of Rocky View will also be a priority. Recreation in this community is essential to me, and we need to find a Win-Win deal for all involved. Lastly, crowding of schools is a critical issue in Chestermere. Our new council will need to prioritize a service-ready location for the County of Rocky View.

Website: www.ryan4mayor.ca 
Email:  ryanroch@ryan4mayor.ca
Phone: 403-702-2265

Candidates for Councillor

Amoruso, Greg

About Me: Me and my dog moved to Chestermere 2009 from Calgary. I am a former Police Officer and I now own a limousine service and also involved in real estate. I strongly believe in treating everyone fairly and with respect. Family values are important to me. I am an animal lover. 

My Views: I strongly believe in transparency for Chestermere. Keeping our citizens informed of all actions by city hall will build a trust and working together we can all make Chestermere as a team better. Positive spending and proper development is important to Chestermere's growth. Schools, recreation center, taxes, are some of the challenges that I am looking forward to dealing with. It is also important to work with our policing department on educating our citizens on safety and youth programs. 

Website: www.gregamoruso.ca
Email:  amoruso@telus.net
Phone: 403-836-5466


Bold, Laurie

About Me: My husband Rob and I have lived in Chestermere for 14 years. We have been married for 22 years. We have 3 daughters and 3 grandchildren. I have a professional designation: CRA (Certified Residential Appraiser) from the AIC (Appraisal Institute of Canada). I previously worked for a financial accounting firm.  
My Views:  We must compare our City departments with other similar sized cities re: costs, size and functionality and investigate to understand the differences. If another City is doing something cheaper/better we must meet with them and ask why? We must learn to adopt other ideas.

We must explore other options for Chestermere to create revenue and work towards a path of economic stability. Achieving a higher commercial tax base will help ease our residential tax burden and this is critical for the future sustainability of our City.

We must also gain a better understand of the impact of CUI.
As an elected official, Councillor Bold can now be contacted at: 
Website Page: Councillor Bold 
Email: lbold@chestermere.ca
Phone: 403-968-3871

Website: www.vote4Bold.com
Email: voteforbold@gmail.com
Phone: 403-870-9777


Burness, Cathy

About Me: 

I have lived in Chestermere since 2010. I have three adult sons, one grandson and another grandchild on the way. I am known as a capable, hard-working, community minded person. I have the passion and energy required to do a great job on council. 

My Views: 

It’s no secret that residents are frustrated with the increasing costs associated with living in Chestermere. We must look for ways to save more of our hard earned dollars. Between taxes and CUI, many are feeling overwhelmed. I will ask the difficult questions to find the best solutions. I will be accountable for every dollar spent.

You need to know that your voices are heard and that your opinions matter and will be considered with every decision that is made by council. 

As an elected official, Councillor Burness can now be contacted at: 
Website Page: Councillor Burness
Email: cburness@chestermere.ca
Phone: 403-863-8017

Website:  voteforcathy.ca 
Email:  vote4cathy2017@gmail.com 
Phone: 403-561-0796


Fleger, Tommy

About Me: I’m kind of sick of writing about myself, still got some public speaking to prepare for. If you want to know more about me, check the website, creep me on Facebook or talk to me. 

My Views: My platform is Slow and Steady.  I'm not the type of guy who is going to say I'm gonna do this or gonna do that.  I need to see the whole equation, spend most of my time reading, asking questions and learning my role.  This is going to take time and dedication and quite honestly I am quite anxious about actually getting elected this time around.  When the mayor and all six council members choose not run again, this does not forebode well - I have a feeling things are going to be quite difficult for anybody who fills those shoes. 

Website:  tommyfleger.com
Email:  tommyfleger@gmail.com
Phone: 403-478-2263

Foat, Mel

About Me: Married 43 years - Involved in agribusiness all my life

Manager of  the Sexsmith Seed Plant for 16 years - Served on the South Peace Planning Commission - Councillor at Sexsmith, Alberta

Wherever I live I get involved in my community

My Views: 

Goal # 1 - Balanced City Development: Ensure a diverse tax base and focus on attracting commercial and light industrial opportunities. 

Goal # 2 -Senior’s Development: Work with innovative developers to provide affordable housing for seniors’ - Focus on existing development plans to ensure current projects are completed.

Goal # 3 - Recreation  - Ensure the city keeps our recreation centre & other programs a priority. - Focus on diverse opportunities that will enhance our current needs.

As an elected official, Councillor Foat can now be contacted at: 
Website Page: Councillor Foat
Email: mfoat@chestermere.ca
Phone: 403-875-3670

Website:  www.melfoat.ca
Email:  mel@melfoat.ca
Phone: 403-819-7665


Funk, Blaine

About Me: 
  • Lived in Chestermere for over ten years with my wife and daughters
  • Support local schools as a director for Parent council
  • Associate’s degree in Engineering Technology
  • Experience
    • Mechanical design
    • Inventory Management of $250 million
    • Process planning and design
    • Resource and staff management
 My Views: 
  • Fiscal responsibility to reduce Taxes and Debt
  • Investigation and overhaul of CUI to ensure value to residents
  • Increase nonresidential tax base by bring commercial and industrial companies to Chestermere
  • Creation of short and long term plans to facilitate proper growth and land use within Chestermere.  Ensure commercial and light industrial lands are positioned correctly to allow access to major roadways
  • Facilitate expansion of self-sustainable recreation areas in Chestermere
  • With my experience I can help facilitate reduction of capital and labour expenses and its financial mismanagement

Website:  None Provided
Email:  funkblaine@gmail.com
Phone: 403-863-2205


Gill, Mo

About Me:  

I am an entrepreneur with a with a Master’s of Science degree. Lived in Chestermere over the last 3 years and 18 years in the surrounding areas. Married with 5 children and 2 grandchildren. Have a background in hospitality and farming industry for over 20+ years. 

My Views: 

  • Reducing residential taxes by bringing more commercial business and development to Chestermere
  • Make Calgary Transit accessible to the community of Chestermere
  • Reduce the CUI utility bill by controlling operating costs and responsibly managing the budget
  • Attract affordable housing for seniors and families
  • I am passionate about my community and will work hard to serve the people of Chestermere.

Website:  None Provided
Email: mgill@mail.com
Phone: 403-480-4140


Kardash, Anna

About Me: I am a loving mother and a wife. After 15 years in the Financial sector, my husband and I started a successful family business. I believe it is now time for me to give back to my community by serving as your Councillor for the City of Chestermere.

My Views:
I am running on a grassroots policy. My priorities are to reduce crime, introduce new recreation opportunities for kids and seniors and make Chestermere a more affordable place to live. Our city has seen taxes double in the last 9 years, along with the crime rate increasing to the point where 900 residents may be victims next year. I believe we need change. We need to audit CUI, attract new businesses and have discussions with the RCMP. It will also be my priority to always be in touch with you and to know exactly what your needs are.

Website:  www.voteanna.ca
Email: contact@voteanna.ca
Phone: 403-399-1560


Kersch, Allan

About Me: Married with 2 adult children and 2 grandchildren.  I have no previous political experience but I do have 28 years of experience as a senior executive in the private sector. My experience in team building, negotiating, making tough decisions, planning, budgeting and understanding financials will be an asset on council.

My Views: Affordability is a key issue that is facing Chestermere.  The increase costs from both the city and CUI need to be addressed.  Cost reductions paired with growth in the commercial tax base are needed to make Chestermere an affordable community. Budgeting will focus on fiscal responsible planning and a review of financial commitments Chestermere’s potential to lead as a place where people want to live and businesses want to locate is apparent.  Let’s make it a reality.

Website: www.alkersch4council.ca
Email: arkersch@gmail.com
Phone: 403-280-9542


Narayan, Ritesh

About Me: I am an educator at the university where I teach law and criminal justice. I have worked in various legal firms and have education and experience in policy, governance, and negotiation. I moved with my family to Chestermere 12 years ago and have been calling this city my home since.

My Views: My stance is a more affordable Chestermere with a good quality of life and community. My goal is to reduce residential tax burden by attracting and developing a larger commercial sector. For me building a better relationship with Calgary and Rocky View will be imperative in order to be sustainable as a city. This will see reduced water rates and a brighter future for recreation in Chestermere. I would like council to have more say in how CUI is operated and foster greater council transparency. Crime prevention, youth, and emergency services cannot be ignored.

As an elected official, Councillor Narayan can now be contacted at: 
Website Page: Councillor Narayan
Email: rnarayan@chestermere.ca
Phone: 403-875-5481

Website: www.vote4ritesh.com
Email: vote4ritesh@gmail.com
Phone: 403-383-4109


Schell, Laurianne

About Me: I genuinely love people, enjoy volunteering, and welcome the opportunity to serve the residents of Chestermere. Working with BILD Calgary Region, the former Canadian Homebuilders’ Association (CHBA) and Urban Development Institute (UDI), imparted in me a vast understanding of what is involved in building complete communities.

My Views: 

Our Vision must be re-evaluated to provide a path forward to define our plan for sustainable growth, community connectivity and economic diversity. Our tax base must be expanded and diversified with increased developer and resident engagement. Council must clearly communicate intentions and decisions, encouraging dialog with residents. Provide maximum value to residents by investigating avenues of cost savings rather than cost cutting. Ensure services provided to the City are done in the most economical manner, not impacting quality.

Website: www.laurianneschell.com
Email: laurianne@laurianneschell.com
Phone: 403-966-0096


Taylor, Amy

About Me: Married, with one child, I reside in Chestermere where we intend to stay. I have studied business, political theory and legal assistance, after which I practiced in Ottawa for ten years where I was involved in municipal issues. I am open, honest and available to address your concerns and issues.

My Views: I am a Christian, straightforward and honest. Issues I feel we need to deal with are taxes by doing a proper market analysis and forecast to bring in needed business and commercial establishments to lower the reliance on a residential tax base; transportation, by negotiating with the Transportation Department of Calgary to bring Calgary Transit into Chestermere; communication with the electorate  for which I am available at the Waiting Room cafe 10am- noon and Boston Pizza 6:30-8 pm every Wednesday; and community interaction via community picnics on a rotating basis throughout Chestermere to get to know your community and neighbours.

Website: www.amytchestermere.ca
Email: amy.taylor1966@yahoo.ca
Phone: 403-701-1430

Thompson, Clayton James

About Me: I have resided in the West Lakeview Community of Chestermere since 2000. I am retired, a family man with two (2) daughters, one (1) son and five (5) grandchildren. I have been educated in the areas of Economics, Psychology and Police Science. Experience as a Senior Police Constable, Federal Penitentiary Living Unit/Correctional Officer and Operations Manager of Several Companies. I am not running as a candidate to “work for you”, I want to “work with you”, to make Chestermere once again the great city it is to live in. Say it, Mean it, Do it.

My Views: l’m committed to taking back control of running the City of Chestermere from Administration and putting it back into the hands of the citizens (City Council).
l have heard loud and clear from the people of Chestermere and concur that TAXES, INFRASTRUCTURE/SERVICE COST, DEBT, CUI, etc are the major priorities facing us all at this time. We must firstly get our Tax Revenue up, Operational Costs down and Debt under control before we can move forward. 

Website: www.claytonjamesthompsonvote.ca
Email: thompsonclaytonj@gmail.com
Phone: 587-582-2913


Wagner, Yvette

About Me: I

am a mom, a wife, and a paralegal.  My passions are research and relationships.  I ask questions, do my homework and speak up.  I work very hard for matters that matter.  It would be my privilege to work alongside our community as we turn this corner of change.

My Views: 

A pragmatic approach to our current challenges is imperative to taking back the equity in our city.

Every candidate knows what is required to lower our taxes/utilities.  It’s written in our City’s 2017-2020 Economic Development Strategy with multiple ideas on how to accomplish it. 

Now it’s time for innovative measures and results-based action.

Increasing the non-residential diversification must be a process grounded in research and analysis to promote best practices overall and to ensure results.

Your voice matters and together we will accomplish all of our community goals and be the balanced, lakeside, center for opportunity that we should be.

As an elected official, Councillor Wagner can now be contacted at: 
Website Page: Councillor Wagner
Email: ywagner@chestermere.ca 
Phone: 403-875-6462

Website: www.electyvette.com
Email: electyvette2017@gmail.com
Phone: 403-630-2228


Young, Michelle

About Me: I grew up in Calgary, but have lived in Chestermere since 2002 with my husband and our many children. My career saw me in many administrative roles, but it was my time as the reporter for the Chestermere Anchor that gave me a deep look into the operations of Chestermere.

My views: My biggest focus is to ensure that the voice of residents is heard and that they feel properly represented in the decisions being made. More specifically, I have the following three points that have been my main focus: Firstly, to take an in-depth look into city spending and the prioritization of projects. Second, to ensure that Chestermere is a place for all to call home – young families, seniors and multi-generational families. Third, ensure that residential developments are fully meeting their full potential and holding developers to a high standard with what they are bringing to the table and to Chestermere.

As an elected official, Councillor Young can now be contacted at: 
Website Page: Councillor Young
Email: myoung@chestermere.ca
Phone: 403-969-4358

Website: votemichelle.ca
Email: michelleyoungforchestermere@gmail.com
Phone: 403-470-1502