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Candidates for Mayor

There are not currently any registered candidates for this role. 

Candidates for Council

  • Morgan Matheson  
  • Ritesh Narayan
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Candidates for Mayor

Candidates for Councillor

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Matheson, Morgan

Contact Information
Phone: 403-990-1133
Email: morgan@adrenalineearthworks.ca
Website: www.morganmatheson.com

About Me: My background is in nursing/healthcare and business relations. I have spent the last 20 years balancing both. My husband and I run our own construction company. Started from the ground up, while raising 2 rambunctious boys. Patience is key. Curveballs are constantly thrown your way. Currently, I am a healthcare worker at the Peter Lougheed Hospital. I have learned to think fast and roll with the punches while still maintaining integrity and poise.

Why I am Running for Office: I have been volunteering, advocating and giving back to the community for many years at a grassroots level. I wanted to change my platform to reach as many people as possible to make a real difference. Take action and be the change I, as so many others want to see in Chestermere.

My Views: 
Urban Sprawl - ensuring it is done right.
Better Utilizing the Resources we Have - storm ponds, and the golf course among a few items
Red Tape & Taxes - cutting through the red tape and keeping taxes low
Restoring Our Community - Fixing up parts of Chestermere that need TLC
Teens - Advocating for more resources for our teen population - both physiological and physical well being
Community Involvement - celebrate diversity, get to know our neighbors, shop owners, people within our community

Narayan, Ritesh

Contact Information: 


About Me: I have been a proud resident of Chestermere since 2006 and was elected as a city councilor in 2017. I am a criminal justice and law lecturer in the Department of Economics Justice & Policy at Mount Royal University. I have a Ph.D. in Human Services & Criminal Justice, a Master’s degree in Law, and Bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Law. . I have worked for various law firms but primarily focus on teaching now.

Why I am Running for Office: It has been a pleasure serving the residents of Chestermere since 2017. Since 2017, the residents have seen lower taxes, lower utility rates, sensible growth, and responsible spending. I am running to maintain this stability and pursue the opportunities we have identified during my tenure. 

My Views: Effective communication, transparency, and accountability are pivotal to good governance. I believe that I have worked diligently and displayed integrity and strong dedication as your representative. I believe that our beautiful city has a lot of potentials which remains to be realized. We have stability now which needs to be maintained given the turbulent times. I love our community and ask your support to help me continue the good work. We have only started to become amazing.